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Control's free Expeditions mode goes live today

New DLC is dropping tonight for Remedy Entertainment's Control.

Expeditions is the latest free mode to come to Control. Announced during tonight's Game Awards, Expeditions is described as a combat-focused, timed game more for testing out your skills, build, and loadout within the Hiss-infected Black Rock Quarry Threshold.

So how do you get it?

"You may have noticed an old-timey jukebox placed in an isolated room close to Central Executive area in the game," writes Remedy senior game designer Sergey Mohov. "If you thought that it might be another Object of Power, you guessed right. After completing the main mission My Brother’s Keeper and getting the Levitate ability, make sure to come back to Central Executive and find your first Jukebox Token. Pop it into the OOP, and you’re off to the races!"

Once the song starts, you'll be transported into the Quarry Threshold where you'll have just 25 minutes to complete the expedition.

We gave Control 4 out of 5 stars. Check out our review of the game right here.

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