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Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor gets first trailer and impressions

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IGN's gone live with the first impressions of Tales of Valor, the standalone Company of Heroes expansion due for release next year. Snip:

Tales of Valor isn't an expansion that requires you to own CoH; it's a stand-alone game that focuses on you controlling a handful of units at a time. In fact, this isn't a "traditional" RTS game, as the single-player campaign doesn't feature any kind of base building or node capturing as seen in CoH. This is a much more tactical game in that sometimes you'll control only a single tank and its crew. The reason is because you become much more invested in your units if you don't have an endless supply of them being churned out at some base. And if you don't have to manage a dozen vehicles and squads over an entire battlefield, you can focus on carefully controlling a small team as it navigates around the map.

The first video's after the break.

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