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Company of Heroes 3 is taking a leap forward with a strong focus on replayability

The game contains new features such as the Dynamic Campaign Map and Full Tactical Pause.

A new Company of Heroes 3 video has been released that focuses on campaign missions.

One of the new features coming to the series with this outing is the Dynamic Campaign Map . This feature offers sandbox-style gameplay, allowing you to command the war effort and experience a level of strategic choice.

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In the video, mission designer David Milne explains how Relic designed the missions in a way that will challenges players, but missions can always be completed no matter which factions, companies, or units have been selected.

The developers also touch upon the game's historical battles set in famous locations, as well as the smaller untold stories of World War 2.

Set in a brand-new theatre of war in the Mediterranean, you can expect a variety of locations such as Italian mountain passes, North African deserts, and coastal regions.

With the new title, Company of Heroes' gameplay has been enhanced with authentic new features, making for "the deepest tactical experience to date." The choices you make will affect not only the battles you fight but the story of the war itself.

In single-player modes, Full Tactical Pause gives you a choice on the pacing, allowing you to freeze the action. You will also be able to coordinate all actions at once, allowing you to think through every move in detail without the pressure of doing it all in real-time.

Company of Heroes 3 is expected to arrive on PC this year.

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