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Company of Heroes 3 has been announced, and it's coming to PC in 2022

After some teasing earlier, Relic Entertainment and Sega have announced Company of Heroes 3.

Company of Heroes 3, the latest installment in the strategy franchise and it's coming to PC in 2022.

And right now, you can get your hand on a pre-alpha preview through Steam.

Players who join Relic’s CoH-Development program, which is powered by Games2Gether, can expect an early glimpse at the campaign experience. Signing up is free, and it will give you exclusive insights into how the game is being made, as well as a voice in its development.

Players who link their Steam account today will have access to the pre-alpha preview until August 2.

“We’re really excited for players to experience Company of Heroes 3 right from the pre-alpha stage and to receive their valuable feedback,” said Justin Dowdeswell, GM at Relic Entertainment. “We’ve been co-developing the game with some of our fantastic community members for years now, and they have been instrumental in providing consistent and meaningful feedback at every step of the development process.

"We are ready to expand that program in a massive way with our fans around the world via our CoH-Development program, which has been made possible by Amplitude Studios superb Games2Gether platform.”

Here’s how to access the Company of Heroes 3 ‘Pre-Alpha Preview’.

  • Visit the Company of Heroes website and click ‘Play Now’.
  •  Follow the prompts to create a Relic Link account, or simply log in with your existing Relic Link
    username + password.
  • With your account created, check your designated email inbox for a confirmation notice.
  • Click the confirmation link in the email and complete your full profile signup to become a
    registered member of our CoH-Development program.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts and log in using your newly created credentials on our community
  • Once logged in, link your Steam profile to your CoH-Development account by visiting the
    Rewards page and following the prompts to claim the Pre-Alpha Preview.
  • Go back to your Steam library and the Company of Heroes 3 – Pre-Alpha Preview should appear
    there automatically.

The game is bringing its boots-on-the-ground storytelling to a brand-new theatre of war in the Mediterranean,  unlocking authentic new tactics, factions, and a wealth of stories from World War 2.

You can expect a variety of locations such as Italian mountain passes, North African deserts, and coastal regions.

With the new title, Company of Heroes' gameplay has been enhanced with authentic new features, making for "the deepest tactical experience to date." It features a dynamic campaign map, allowing you to command ground, air, and naval forces and build supply lines as you lead the Allies’ campaign to retake mainland Italy from Axis forces.

The choices you make will affect not only the battles you fight but the story of the war itself. In single-player modes, Full Tactical Pause gives you a choice on the pacing, allowing you to freeze the action. You will also be able to coordinate all actions at once, allowing you to think through every move in detail without the pressure of doing it all in real-time.

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