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Celebrate 25 years of Fallout with weekly festivities throughout October

Yeah, we don't feel old at all (grabs cane).

Bethesda is celebrating Fallout's birth month with week-long festivities each week in October.

You can expect everything from sales and giveaways to special features and community content.

Fallout 76 – Season 10: The City of Steel

Kicking things off is a free week of Fallout 76. Starting today and running through October 11, let country roads take you home to West Virginia where as a dweller of Vault 76, you have been tasked with leaving the safety of your home to repopulate the Wasteland.

Be careful out there, because there are all sorts of dangers such as Mothman, snallygaster, the formidable Wendigo, Sheepsquatch, the Grafton Monster, Beast of Beckley, the Flatwoods monster, and more just itching to take you out. There's even a Megasloth, which is a bit odd considering sloths have been extinct in North America since at least the early Pliocene period. Then again, there are plenty of cryptids in the game, so we should suspend our disbelief on sloths.

If you want the game permanently, until November 1, active Prime Gaming subscribers can pick up the base Fallout 76 game free for PC via Prime Gaming Rewards.

Also, active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be handed a free month of Fallout 1st, available via Xbox Game Pass Perks until October 24.

Nut wait, there's more. In celebration of Fallout’s 25th anniversary, Bethesda is adding new content to Fallout Shelter for the first time in over four years. In it, you will take on an alien threat in an all-new quest line featuring new enemies, new weapons, new Dwellers, and you can even decorate your Vault with a new celebration room theme.

Since its initial release in October 2017, the Fallout franchise has spawned four main entries, with a fifth on the way once development on The Elder Scrolls 6 wraps up. The series has also seen the release of six spin-offs, tabletop games, and there's even a television series in the works.

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