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CD Projekt puts FPS "They" on hold to work on Witcher 2


CD Projekt Red co-founder Marcin Iwinski has told BigDownload that its FPS "They" has been put on hold in order to concentrate on development of The Witcher 2.

"Due to tough economy, we had to put They on hold, as we have decided to allocate all resources to the next Witcher game in production," said Iwinski in the interview. "The Metropolis team is working together with CD Projekt RED to make sure we deliver an outstanding Witcher experience to our fans.

"Having said, that we have by far not buried They, and we would really like to return to it.

"It wasn't officially announced, but as the leaked video on YouTube was seen by over 600k people, I can't even pretend [Witcher 2] is a secret. The production is going really well and we should have quite a few important announcements this March.

"We are preparing a proper launch backed up with a lot of materials and we should be able to talk about our publishing partners, as well. The game should be absolutely amazing."

Hell yes. Looking forward to hearing more about it, honestly.

Shame about They, but The Witcher 2 definitely looks like it will maintain what was good about the original, plus add a bit more to it.

The leaked video in question was released onto the Net while CD Projekt was scouting for publishers, and then a shaky-cam video was released from Russian gaming event IGROMIR, where recording equipment was supposedly barred.

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