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Capcom says if the "opportunity comes, maybe" to a Resident Evil Code: Veronica X remake

Though the focus is just on Resident Evil 4 right now.

With some of the biggest entries in the Resident Evil series receiving remakes, fans are looking to other titles like Code Veronica in hope, but Capcom says there's no plans for one just yet.

Everyone is, very unsurprisingly, excited for the Resident Evil 4 Remake coming next year, it being one of the most popular entries in the series. We've also had remakes for the second and third games, and the original GameCube remake of the first game is still easily available so fans want to know if there's any chance of a Code Veronica remake. Unfortunately for those hopeful, Capcom says right now the focus is on the Resi 4 Remake.

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Speaking with Noisy Pixel, Resi 4 producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi was asked about whether he'd be interested in a Code Veronica remake. But the producer said that his focus is on the development of Resi 4 Remake right now to make it the best experience it can be for fans. Though there are no concrete plans for a Code Veronica remake, he did also say if the "opportunity comes, maybe."

It's not at all surprising that Resi 4 Remake is the focus right now, considering, you know, it's Capcom's next big title, but it does leave some room for the non-numbered titles to get their chance in the spotlight again.

Fans also have plenty to look forward to with the remake, as the game seems to be shaping up pretty good so far, with Leon's knife getting a bit of a revamp, and some newly added ways to pull off stealth kills. The game is also sticking to its roots, as the attaché case storage isn't changing, so you'll still be able to meticulously plot out all of your various items in order to maximise your equipment loadout, in classic Resi fashion.

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