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Capcom: Case Zero "most dynamic sales weapon in our arsenal," beginning of true episodic gaming

dr case zero

According to Capcom, this teensy-weensy slice of zombie slaughter is the start of something much, much bigger.

“It’s the most dynamic sales weapon we have ever had in our arsenal, giving us the equivalent exposure of a multi-million pound TV campaign,” Capcom’s UK product manager Karl Reader told MCV.

“We foresee other publishers will follow suit. With increasing development budgets and increased risk, several smaller projects is only sensible. What we are seeing is a precursor to episodic gaming with Capcom at the helm.”

He also added that retailers even benefited from the digital salestravaganza, since Case Zero served as an appetizer, driving hordes of gamers to pre-order the main course.

“Finally, it serves as a barometer for us as a publisher, allowing us to gauge demand for the title and adjust our marketing plans for Dead Rising 2 accordingly,” he concluded.

Well, if that's the case, then based on initial estimates, you may actually want to start tossing all your marketing money into a blender a mashing the "puree" button. After all, it's not like you really need it anymore. You should probably go ahead and not drink the resulting money smoothie, however. Just trust us on this one.

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