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Camelot Unchained won't have any XP boosts or limited time items

Camelot Unchained designer Mark Jacobs is adamant Camelot Unchained won't allow any premium items that give one player an advantage over another.

Massively asked Jacobs whether the MMO would allow XP boosts and limited time powerful items, a common microtransaction purchase in many current games.

"While those types have indeed been a staple of both B2P and F2P games, I don't want such items in Camelot Unchained," he said.

"While their duration might be limited, a sword that gives a new player an in-game advantage over another in combat is a non-starter for me. In terms of XP boosts, while nobody is really hurt if you level a little faster, I just don't want to see those types of items in our game, even if we could make some additional money by including them."

The question arose because City State Entertainment recently unveiled its initial reward tiers for an upcoming Kickstarter campaign, and it includes Founder's Points which players will be able to redeem for items. You can read all about that on Massively and the developer's blog; there was some confusion about the system so it's important to check out both posts.

A new teaser trailer surfaced this week, too; check it out below. Jacobs was one of the founders of Mythic Entertainment and led Warhammer Online before going indie.

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