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Camelot Unchained contains the character aging feature cut from Warhammer Online

Camelot Unchained will feature a character aging feature which Mark Jacobs had planned for Warhammer Online.


Speaking with Eurogamer, Jacobs said the feature was cut from the MMO without his knowledge at first, and was told its implementation would disrupt the schedule.

"During the production and testing phase of WAR, a beta-tester asked me about it," he said. "I then asked what the status was, and was told it had been killed. When I asked why, and also why I wasn't told, the answers were unsatisfactory. In essence, I was told it was too hard and that if I really wanted it, it would disrupt the schedule.

"I was not amused. But at that point I had little choice but to either delay the game for that feature or stick by the schedule we had with EA. Nobody was more embarrassed than me when I had to say that that feature of the game had to be removed."

The aging process in the game will be "quite slow", which means "players won't be able to see themselves change in real-time".

"The first stage will be the quickest and each subsequent one will take progressively longer," Jacobs said. "There will be some downside to ageing, but there will also be a greater amount of upsides, because we want it to be a net-positive experience for the player.

"However, players won't have to worry about getting old to the point of major gimping of their characters, or worse, perma-death, as that would simply be no fun. The changes that take place due to ageing will be not only cosmetic but also meaningful in the world of Camelot Unchained."

Details on the aging process will be shared with the game's backers and will also be discussed on the official forums.

Currently Camelot Unchained is scheduled for a 2015 release.

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