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Bungie: Halo: Reach almost "content complete"

Halo Reach

Halo: Reach's creative director Marcus Lehto has said the game is days away from being "content complete".

In the latest entry on the game's development blog, he said the team at Bungie intends to make sure it will be "the best damn thing" that you'll ever put in your 360 disc tray.

"We’re days away from content complete," said Lehto, "which means we’ll be hammering on this game for the next couple of months to make sure it’s the best damn thing any of you have ever put in your xbox."

He further added that once it does go content complete, the game will go through its polishing stage.

"While the whole team has been crunching for months now, with the huge push for the Beta, this is the time when we start closing down and begin the polish phase. It’s a time of intense focus with a smaller subset of our huge team."

A handful of multiplayer previews for the shooter went live yesterday, all telling you why you should download the beta from your copy of ODST come May 3. Our hands-on clearly insists why you must.

Halo: Reach releases this fall for Xbox 360.

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