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Borderlands 2 stars and bullets and squares

Borderlands 2's managed a number one debut in the UK, beating out PES 2013 and the latest F1. Patrick Garratt's been playing the PC version over the weekend. Get his impressions below.

borderlands 2’sgoing sell well and deservedly so but surely there a point wherre the same but better is only viable if you’re in the mnarkety for the same but better. think i want more now. or whatever.

stars and bullets and squares and sparks and yeah, tyhe humour#’s[retty good in a sort of glare of front teeth glad you came fashion and that effect on the ice could keep you staring at the sea all day. that’s kind of what i’m doing because i end up dead all the time i’m playing alone, grinding against the ancient weightlifting structure of slightly too hard for one and easy for two despite the notion of increasing difficulty with multiple players wshen the second guy’s level 11 or whatever. so it’s borderland but borderlands 2, and everything’s been fixed. it’s pretty and funny but it’s the same ting but better grenade mods explosions stupid heads but the siren has awesome blue s**t when andy from cvg joins in to kill midgemong i really, really hate that name bec ause it’s just not okand i don’t care if i’m too pc or whbatever it makes me incredibly sad. can’t kill this guy because i’m waek like a child although it’s not my weakness but the game not allowing me to proceed because i haven’t done enough or whatever makes me wonder seriously how many times i can go through this stuff because i saw neil castle say on twitter this morning it’s not an evolutionm it’s just the first game with everything patched and upgraded and i ‘d definitely agfree with that brenna can’t install it for some reason so that leaves her with the 360 version whgiuch i’m not playing so i doubt we’re going to be able to play together and dave’s pc isn’t up to much so he’s playing the 360 version too which is cool becausd maybe brenna and dave could play it together or whgatever. see there’s the thing you just have to walk somewhere blow something up kill a guiy watch a bunch of guys spawn follo0w the diamondbulletstarsquareand its great if youre in a group but if you’re alone then it’s kind of boring despite large improvem,ent first one that really was dull in the op[ening bits and the sky in this one looks amazing like amazing but skeletally itsjust a straight rpg in first person wiuth guns and soloings a grind right from the start5. compare guns compare shiled get a better gun and its fun i guess but i’m nearly 40 and i’m honestly not sure if i can be clearly critical about something in which masked men repeatedly jump at me in a walking caretoon from behiund rocks and mounted guns it’s not like a don’t get it and there’s no doubt that it’s an awesome game but maybe the constantness of the bullets and styars and square and sparks is getting a bit too much for me because i’m f**king old. like i want to read and write about stuff that isn’t just mental every second of every game you know, or maybe i justy shouldn’t be writing about games at all any more. borderlands 2’sgoing sell well and deservedly so but surely there a point wherre the same but better is only viable if you’re in the mnarkety for the same but better. think i want more now. or whatever.

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