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Blizzard's Overwatch may have to undergo a name change due to suspended trademarks

It appears Blizzard has run into a bit of a snafu with its trademarks for Overwatch, its upcoming team-based multiplayer shooter.

overwatch_blizzard (25)

A trademark for the game appeared in April last year before it was officially announced during BlizzCon in November.

According to notices posted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the two trademark applications for Overwatch have been suspended due to a trademark filing of Overwatch by Innovis Labs, Inc. which supersedes Blizzard's trademark application.

Notes posted by the USPTO and dug up by NeoGAF state that both applications are suspended pending either the allowance or abandonment of the prior application by Innovis.

Blizzard has yet to make an attempt to push forward on the matter, thus the suspension of the applications.

There's more on this through the link, but it appears at this point that Overwatch could possibly have its name changed at some point in the future.

The latest game from Blizzard will enter beta this year, and is currently without a release date.

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