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Blizzard honours deceased Diablo 3 artist with new in-game item

An upcoming update for Diablo 3 pays tribute to the late Kevin Kanai Griffith, a former artist at Blizzard.

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In October 2014, Griffith passed away after a two year battle with a rare form of cancer known as Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma (ASPS). In a newly released patch preview, Blizzard have unveiled their way of remembering him: Kanai's Cube, "a huge new feature that will fundamentally change the way you look at an item when it drops."

Kanai's Cube is the spirital successor to the Horadic Cube, a Diablo 2 item of great significance. This new cube will be able to extract Legendary powers from items, allowing you to equip those powers without needing the item they were originally attached to. It will also allow you to reforge Legendary and Ancient equipment. The item is detailed further in the video above.

Kanai's Cube is currently available in Blizzard's Public Test Realm for Diablo 3. Griffith is also remembered through Gamers for Good, a charity established by family and friends after his passing.

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