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Black Ops 2 PC: FOV capped at 80 due to 'technical limitation'

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will have a field of view capped at 80 on PC, and Treyarch has stated that it will not be budged on the matter.

Treyarch's outspoken director of technology Cesar Stastny took to Twitter to essentially get PC gamers to stop bothering the team about the issue, along with the tweet, "Don't ask me to raise the FOV cap. Max is 80. Thankyouverymuch.”

When asked for a reason, the community manager replied, "Of course there is a reason. Otherwise I would raise it to stop all the QQing," before adding that the restriction is due to a "technical limitation."

So there you have it, the issue has been stone-walled. Do you want to see the field of view raised? Let us know below.

Thanks, PCGamesN.

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