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Black Ops 2 balancing tweaks are 'f**king hard' - Vonderhaar

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 multiplayer lead David Vonderhaar has shed new light on the balancing process at Treyarch in the run up to the game's November 13th launch, and stressed that the data doesn't lie.

Speaking with OXM, Vonderaar explained, "In Black Ops 2 right now, people are saying that the millimetre wave scanner isn't strong enough. Again, we're in alpha, we're still tuning, that's important - but if you walk around the emotional reactor, people think the scanner needs to pulse faster. 'I need to see guys through walls better'."

Vonderhaar continued, "But the data doesn't bear that out. That thing is badass and guys that use it are badass with it. There's always a balance between your emotional and visceral reaction for how something feels, and the truth about how much it helps you or not."

"I have the fortunate or unfortunate position of being judge, juror and executioner on all those decisions," he added, "and it puts me in an awkward spot. Because I have to look at people who think very passionately that it should pulse faster, show targets for longer, or maybe it shows them even when they're moving."

"All these are things we can tweak and tune," Vonderhaar concluded, "and they're telling me this, and I'm looking at them, saying: "I appreciate your feedback young man, but the data shows the truth about this." And that's game design and part of being a game designer, and it's f**king hard."

Did you play Black Ops 2 at Eurogamer Expo recently, or have you watched live streams? What do you make of the loadouts and attachments? Let us know below.

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