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BioWare is not happy with the state of Anthem's loot, major fixes due in the coming months

One of the more controversial parts of Anthem's design is how loot is awarded to players.

Whether it be the frequency of loot drops, the quality of it pertaining to a player's level, or the overall variety - Anthem's loot has a long way to go before it's at least comparable to other loot shooters available today.

It's gotten to the point that some players are organising a boycott to protest stingy loot drops in Anthem's endgame.

BioWare's head of live service Chad Robertson agrees that the game's loot balance needs work. Robertson said as much in a tweet over the weekend, and pointed out that though some smaller changes have already been made, bigger changes are planned "for the next few months."

Separately, community manager Jesse Anderson reiterated on Reddit that BioWare is always looking at player feedback when making these sort of decisions, with more on the team's plans to be shared in the coming days.

The one feature the game's community wants is for loot to be more plentiful, with many asking BioWare to follow Blizzard's example in overhauling Diablo 3's loot. Of course, this often ignores the fact Anthem's loot pools don't contain anywhere near as many unique items, and making endgame immediately more rewarding risks loosing core players when they have nothing else to work for.

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