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Best Xbox deals for July 2022: Series X/S consoles, games and accessories

Here are the best deals going on all things Team Xbox including where to buy a Series X/S console and where to find the cheapest prices for Xbox games, controllers and accessories.

There’s never been a better time to jump into the Xbox ecosystem, or upgrade to the new Series X and S consoles. New first-party games like Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 make this the perfect living room console to try a broad range of games. It also helps that Game Pass never keeps you bored, with new games arriving almost every week.

Series S consoles remain plentiful, so you’re guaranteed to get an awesome next-gen experience, and recently in the UK Series X consoles have remained in stock. Thanks to smart delivery, many of the games we find will work great on both older Xbox One consoles and also Series X/S. We’ll keep updating this page with all things team green, including links to any stock of Series X consoles!

Best Xbox console deals

Series X

At the time of writing (18th May), Xbox series X consoles have re-stocked at Argos, Amazon, Very, Currys, and the Microsoft store and have remained in stock for weeks in the UK. Stock could run out eventually and supply-chain issues could delay future re-stocking, so it's still best to be quick with buying a Series X console. Supply is still very limited in the US, and we hope for restocks at Walmart and Best Buy to appear soon.


The Series S console has remained in stock for a while now and some retailers are even starting to bundle the console with games. We have some of the best deals listed below. It's a great way to jump into next-gen gaming, with fast loading times, high framerates and the latest games. Plus, your digital library will carry with you, as the console can play anything an Xbox One can handle, just better! Along with an Xbox Game Pass subscription, the Series S is a great, low-cost way to experience a range of games at an incredible value.



Best Xbox game deals

Xbox is arguably the console with the biggest and most frequent discounts available on the latest and greatest titles. What's also great is if you're still keeping an older Xbox One S or One X console handy, many recent games have been released by publishers with Smart Delivery enabled. This means, for many cross-gen games, when you insert the disc in an older console or the newer Xbox Series X, it'll automatically download the game files best suited for whichever Xbox you're using. There are some great discounts below, including price drops on Yakuza 7 and Watch Dogs Legion. Keep an eye out as we'll constantly be updating this section as new deals arrive.

Right now you can save up to 90 per cent on 600 digital Xbox games, DLC, and add-ons thanks to the Deals Unlocked event on the Xbox/Microsoft Store. The event runs until the 23rd of June and has the best prices for digital-download Xbox games. We highlighted some of the best games on sale in the event in this article, so give it a read before coming back here to see what other deals are out there.



Best games coming out in July 2022

Game releases have slowed down now after a bumper couple of months, and there won't be any major releases until July. We'll update this section just before the new month when we have info of game pre-orders when May comes around.



Best Xbox controllers and accessories deals

If you’re in the market for a fresh controller or an extra one so a friend or family member can join in the fun, you’re in luck. We’ve found some great budget and lag-free wired controllers, as well as the very best official ones from Microsoft. Most controllers are tested to work for both consoles, meaning you can play with your favourite pro or colourful controller on your shiny new Series console, and take it to a friend's to play together on their Xbox One without a hitch.



Best Xbox game pass deals

There's a reason why Xbox Game Pass is always referred to as "the best deal in gaming". It's because there isn't a cheaper way to try out well over 100 great titles for a cheaper price. Firstly, you're guaranteed to get every first-party game for Microsoft included in the package on day one, such as the latest Forza or Bethesda game. You're also getting some amazing third-party and indie games, many of them on their release date or soon after. The subscription is split into a subscription for those gaming just on their PC, those wanting to play just on Xbox, or the Ultimate service, which combines both along with Xbox Live Gold.

Keep this page bookmarked as we’ll refresh the page while constantly looking out for new deals on all things Xbox. And if you’re partial to anything PlayStation, check out our PS5 deals page for the latest discounts on games and accessories, and the same goes for Nintendo, with our Switch deals hub. And for the latest on all deals as they come through, keeps tabs on Jelly Deals' Twitter feed.

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