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Bayonetta 3 Bewitchments and challenges - Every Chapter and Phenomenal Remnant

Looking to find out the answers to questions like 'what are Bayonetta 3 Betwitchments' and 'what do they do'? Look no further.

There is a lot to do in Bayonetta 3 – whether it's the main story, the bonus content you unlock once you've finished the game, the mini-games you can unlock en route, or just the various difficulties you can play the title on, PlatinumGames' latest title has a lot to offer. But there's one thing you may notice as you play that isn't very well explained in-game: Bewitchments.

These act as challenges, basically, in the game. When you first play a level (or Chapter, as it's called from the level select map), you won't be given any of these Bewitchments – though you can still unlock them on your first turn through a level if you meet the criteria.

Once you've cleared a level, you can see all the bonus challenges in the level from the level select menu in Viola's room, giving you new goals if you want to replay a level.

What do Bayonetta 3 Bewitchments do?

As far as we can discern, Bewitchments do... nothing. They may just be bragging rights, they may unlock bonus items in The World of Bayonetta gallery feature in-game, they may all count to some major unlock, somewhere, when you get all of them. We have not yet unlocked them all (some are very tricky!) so we'll update this page if we learn more. In the meantime, just use them as hints at fun things to do in the level – some lead to hidden in-game rewards like bonus music tracks, or collectibles, others are just for fun.

You're not supposed to be able to see Bewitchments before booting up a level for the first time. But, what if you could see them before you started a new chapter? What if some very kind guides writer had already listed all the Bewitchments for you so that you could get to work on clearing them before you jump into a level for the first time – making mopping them up that much easier for you in the long run? Lucky for you, we've done just that.

Carry on reading below for all the Bayonetta 3 Bewitchments, look up our guide on Bayonetta Umbran Tears of Blood locations, or head on over to our 11 things I wish I knew before playing Bayonetta 3 guide for more general tips.


Bayonetta 3 Bewitchments

We've split our guide to Bayonetta 3 Bewitchments up by chapters, Phenomenal Remnants, and side chapters. Just click the nav below to get to the info you need.

Prologue, Chapters 1-14

Prologue: A Chaotic Encounter

  • Finish the deck battle without touching clouds of erasure.
  • Avoid Kraken's ink.
  • Taunt an enemy.
  • Use Gomorrah's Gripping Bite on teh Cumulonimbus.
  • Attack Kraken's tentacle anchors with Gomorrah x5.

Chapter 1: Scrambling For Answers locations

  • Destory x3 obstacles whilst riding Gomorrah.
  • Pick up a burger.
  • Stand atop an iconic Shibuya landmark.
  • Defeat 5 Stratus inside the train car.
  • Pefeat a Pannus without causing it to split.

Chapter 2: City on Fire locations

  • Watch MC Enzo's show on the giant monitor.
  • Scare 3x cats with Infernal Demons.
  • Ride Phantasmaraneae without falling into clouds or pits.
  • Take a specifc path whislt riding Phantasmaraneae.
  • Stop Asperatus with Massive Web x3.

Chapter 3: A Sinking Feeling locations

  • Collect the Halos hidden in the giant lantern.
  • Dodge all the oncoming train cars.
  • Break Iridescent Core x1.
  • Hit Arch-Iridescent with Sin Gomorrah's flame x3.
  • Defeat 3x Homunculi whilst chasing Iridescent.

Chapter 4: Worlds Apart locations

  • Enter the Lotus Field in Ginnungagap.
  • Walk over the lava whilst using Phantasmaraneae masquerade.
  • Proceed without using Congestus' control time.
  • Break Virga x1.
  • Hit Mediocris with Infernal Demon attacks x3.

Chapter 5: Hot Pursuit locations

  • Put out the fire without hitting obstacles.
  • Climb to the top of a structure with 3x floors.
  • Perform a full bare-handed combo.
  • Pass the ladder soldier before Luka.
  • Break Volutus once.

Chapter 6: Off the Rails locations

  • Stay on the lava wheel for 5x seconds.
  • Run across the crumbling path without falling in lava.
  • Avoid getting hit by Pyrocumulus' debris.
  • Defeat Arch-Pyrocumulous staff attack x3.
  • Knock Pyrocumulous off the wall with Phantasmaraneae.

Chapter 7: Burning Sands locations

  • Touch a Chesire mirage 3x times.
  • Dig up all buried treasure whilst riding Chesire.
  • Stare at the mural of Enzo (3 seconds).
  • Cross quicksand river without falling in.
  • Defeat the 3x Uncinus in quicksand.

Chapter 8: A Croaking Chorus locations

  • Stand on top of the windmill tower.
  • Destroy 5x Baal statues in the temple.
  • Enter the hidden room in the temple.
  • Hit Castellanus' core whilst at least 1x segment is intact.
  • Hit Murus with Baal's poison rain.

Chapter 9: Learning to Fly locations

  • Scare off 20x roosting Malphas.
  • Escape clouds of erasure without touching them.
  • Complete the sand sliding portion without hitting obstacles.
  • Avoid touching erasure whilst on the scales.
  • Perform 5x torture attacks on the Tower of Pacts.

Chapter 10: Cover of Night locations

  • Step on 10x stained glass shards in Thule.
  • Climb to the top of the stone tower in Thule.
  • Travel through Ginnungagap without falling.
  • Avoid getting hit by Strider in his field.
  • Defeat 3x small Golems.

Chapter 11: A Familiar Dance

  • Find the hidden item in underground tunnel.
  • Attack Rosa's Umbran Armor for a secret item.
  • Avoid all obstacles in the dark whilst riding Mictlantecuhtli.
  • Find Rosa behind the right door.
  • Defeat 50x Lacunosus whilst riding Mictlantecuhtli.

Chapter 12: The Edge of Madness

  • Destroy 5x buses.
  • Defeat Bayonetta with Clock Tower equipped.
  • Finish Baal Zebul's performance without taking damage.
  • Defeat all enemies in the underground tunnel.
  • Knock down a helicopter as Gomorrah.

Chapter 13: Kingdom of One

  • Collect 25x lotuses in Ginnungagap.
  • Activate Perfect Witch Time 5x as Madama Butterly.
  • Avoid Dark Adam's enlargement attack.
  • Hit Aureole with a Flutter Kiss.
  • Defeat an enemyas Ginnungagap collapses.

Chapter 14: A Single Truth

  • Finish Singularity battle with no damage.
  • Hit Singularity Definition with Crow Within 5x as Bayo 1.
  • See the end of Bayo's story.
  • Hit Singularity Definition 5x with Madama Butterfly as Bayo 1.
  • Defeat a Homunculous summoned by Singularity Balance.

Phenomenal Remnants

Phenomenal Remnant 1

  • Collect all lotuses.
  • Finish the chapter with Jeanne.
  • Finish with 60 seconds left.

Phenomenal Remnant 2

  • Collect all lotuses.
  • Collect every hourglass
  • Finish with 160 seconds left.

Phenomenal Remnant 3

  • Destroy 3x Alraune's Blooms of Desire.
  • Consume Hideous with an Infernal Demon.
  • Defeat Alraune with Madama Butterfly.

Phenomenal Remnant 4

  • Collect all lotuses.
  • Don't take lava damage.
  • Finish with 120 seconds left.

Phenomenal Remnant 5

  • Collect all hourglasses.
  • Don't take lava damage.
  • Finish with 150 seconds left.

Phenomenal Remnant 6

  • Finish chapter with Bayonetta.
  • Taunt Fortitudo.
  • Hit Fortitudo with Infernal Demon 5x.

Phenomenal Remnant 7

  • Finish the chapter without falling into pits of quicksand.
  • Defeat 3x Uncinus from quicksand.
  • Finish with 100 seconds left.

Phenomenal Remnant 8

  • Collect all lotuses.
  • Collect every hourglass
  • Finish with 200 seconds left.

Phenomenal Remnant 9

  • Finish chapter with Jeanne.
  • Finish chapter with Ribbit Libido BZ55 equipped.
  • Defeat Baal before it uses poison rain.

Phenomenal Remnant 10

  • Avoid Cirrostratus' electric attack.
  • Avoid Cirrocumulus' wind attack.
  • Use Baal's splash 3x.

Phenomenal Remnant 11

  • Finish chapter with Viola.
  • Finish with 130 seconds left.
  • Defeat every Lacunosus.

Phenomenal Remnant 12

  • Collect all lotuses.
  • Collect every hourglass
  • Finish with 200 seconds left.

Phenomenal Remnant 13

  • Finish with Abracadabra equipped.
  • Perfrom 3x succesful counter summons.
  • Deal damage 5x with Malphas.

Phenomenal Remnant 14

  • Finish the chapter with Bayonetta.
  • Avoid getting hit by Kraken's bite.
  • Finish without any demons rampaging.

Side Chapters

Side Chapter 1: The Crimson Shadow

  • Avoid taking damage whilst in the water.
  • Find the hidden waterway.
  • Perform 3x succesful stealth kills.
  • Find/defeat Affinity.
  • Defeat 5 Homunculi as Cutie J.

Side Chapter 2: The Lynx Strikes

  • Collect all Halos hidden behind closed doors.
  • Avoid taking damage whilst moving in water.
  • Avoid Cumulonimbus' attacks.
  • Get a rocket launcher from the supply system.
  • Find/defeat Affinity.

Side Chapter 3: High Stakes

  • Reach the elevator's end without getting fully stopped.
  • Get a teapot from the supply system.
  • Defeat 2x or more enemies with one shotgun blast.
  • Stealth kill/throw one enemy into another.
  • Find and defeat Affinity.

Side Chapter 4: The Doctor's Out

  • Finish chapter without hitting any obstacles.
  • Successfully do a wheelie jump.
  • Defeat 10 motorcycle-riding Stratuses by slamming them into barriers.
  • Find/defeat Acceptance.
  • Defeat 20x Homunculi as Cutie J.

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