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Bayonetta 3 Umbran Tears of Blood locations

You may need some help chasing down all the Witch familiars in Bayonetta 3 – so we're here to help.

In Bayonetta 3 you will collect Umbran Tears of Blood from three witch-y familiars as you prgoress through the game; Cats, Frogs, and Crows. Depending on how you play, you may find each of these easier to collect than others. The vast majority of main levels in the game will have all three of these creatures.

Crows will perch on the edge of a structure and fly away when you approach. Typically, they have round flight paths and will need to be approached from a specific direction in order for you to grab it before they disappear with your precious gem. Don’t worry, though; if it does fly away, you can walk a few steps away from where you found it, and it will respawn.

Frogs are arguably the easiest; you simply need to listen out for ribbits in the game (which get louder and faster as you get closer) and locate the frog nearby. They can be perched on walls, as well as on the ground.

Cats run around in a circuit and will need to be caught up with, intercepted, or otherwise blocked if you want to catch them.

Note: you can replay levels as you go, so don't worry if you miss one the first time around. Also, we found these familiars on our first playthrough, only equipped with abilities and masquerades found at that point in the game. There may be easier ways of getting these Umbran Tears of Blood once you've unlocked more tools, but we did it at the earliest point avaiale in-game.

What do Umbran Tears of Blood Do?

Collecting all three and taking the Umbran Tears of Blood off them will reward you with a ‘remix’ of the level you just played, called a ‘Phenomenal Remnant’. It’s clear Bayonetta 3 is really leaning into all that multiverse stuff, right?

Typically, these will be time trials against new enemies (sometimes even new bosses!) that will flip a level around and make you figure out a new path through what you’ve already played. Expect combat puzzles, platforming sections, and other experimental game modes in these levels.

Your reward for completing these ‘Phenomenal Remnants’? Depending on the rank you get from clearing it (ranging from Stone for poor, to Pure Platinum for perfect), you’ll get a set of currency which you can spend in Rodin’s shop, and – more importantly – either a full Witch Heart or Moon Peal that can be used to increase your health or magic, respectively, via the Skills Menu. You can open that and apply any earned Witch Hearts by hitting the – key and tabbing over to the ‘Skills’ section.

Some chapters – such as the ‘Phenomenal Remnants’ for Chapter 3 and Chapter 14 – even drop new demons for you to recruit and new weapons for you to obtain. So they’re worth doing.

If you need a comprehensive list of where to find all these collectibles, read on to our complete Umbran Tears of Blood locations guide.

Bayonetta 3 Umbran Tears of Blood locations

Read on for our guide on all Umbran Tears of Blood and where to find them in Bayonetta 3.

No need to crow on about it.

Umbran Tears of Blood - Chapter 1: Scrambling For Answers locations

The Cat will be the first familiar you find. It is in the very first area, in the back left corner, running around the rtuins of a burned-out building. All you need to do is catch it either when it runs through the red scaffolding at the far end of the area, or the little concrete block in the middle.

The Frog can be found immidiately after Verse 9. Exit the mall and see a cracked and broken street and you'll hear the Frog ribbiting. Look up and to your right, and it'll be on a coffee shop sign.

The Crow can be found just after Verse 11. It'll be in a cylindrical underground area, perched on a railing. Approach it from one end it'll start flying in circles – you can grab it as it completes a lap. It may be easier to turn into your butterfly form to control your jumps better.

Umbran Tears of Blood - Chapter 2: City on Fire locations

The Cat and Crow can be found right at the start, in the first area where you’re introduced to your spider Demon Slave. You can summon the spider to break the vehicles near the Cat and make it easier to catch. Just check its path and jump in to catch it when it turns.

The Crow you will need to approach from off the circular platform so you can intercept it as it tries to fly away towards the skyscraper. Come at it from the direction of where the Cat was and you'll chase it down easily.

The Frog is found later, after you fight Aspertas and take a giant spider ride through a crumbling Tokyo. Say goodbye to your arachnid friend, then head onwards towards the giant Tokyo landmark. Listen out for frog noises, then look to your left as you go. You’ll see the Frog nestled between two massive slabs of fallen debris.

Umbran Tears of Blood - Chapter 3: A Sinking Feeling locations

The Frog can be found really close to the start of the level. When you spawn into the level, you’ll see some platforms leading towards a cliff face. Head towards them, and see a train poking out of the wall. Float over to the platforms, follow the train inside and kick off Verse 1 and fight some divine enemies. After, follow the tunnel through and you’ll hear the Frog ribbiting on the other side. Stop as soon as you exit the tunnel to see it on the side of the exit.

The Crow is also found near the very start of the level. Kick the chapter off, jump up some platforms, and wait for the game to tell you you’re in Tokyo: Taito. From this area, turn around and see a large building that has a raised edge and a sort-of arena in the middle. The crow will be perched on the edge of this building. Approach from the arena – towards the beginning of the level – and watch it fly down. Jump after it, float in your butterfly form, and you should be able to intercept it easily.

The Cat can be found just after you meet Luka. There’s a long building to the left in the area after you meet him – the cat will be running around it. To catch it, simply stand on the loose orange panel on the roof of its building so it falls and blocks an alley, then chase the cat the opposite way and you’ll nab it.

Umbran Tears of Blood - Chapter 4: Worlds Apart locations

After Verse 4, you’ll go through a gate and come to another section of the wall with some troops celebrating on it. There will be some broken architecture you can jump to on your right; a broken pagoda between two gaps. Head across it, and you’ll see the Cat. Break the crates on the ladder on the upper level, chase the cat around and it’ll head up the ladder – you’ll be able to catch it easily here.

The Crow can be found just after the Cat; as you head further along the wall, there will be a castle room with some support platforms sticking out the edge. Climb these to come to a whole new platform on top, with a tiered building on it. Look to the crenelations, and you’ll see some shattered on the near corner, and your crow (you may have scared it off as you climbed up the platforms). To catch it, ascend the building, and climb up as many roof tiers as possible before jumping down directly above the Crow – pursue immediately. Because of its wonky path, you should be able to catch up to it very quickly if you gun straight for it.

Head back to the main path, carry on up to the next section of wall and keep an eye to your left. There’ll be a huge bell and a gate underneath it – that gate houses the Frog. Look to the left side of it, and keep your ears open. You’ll soon locate it in the door frame.

Umbran Tears of Blood - Chapter 5: Hot Pursuit locations

Now you’re playing as Viola, and once again on the Great Wall. After your first mandatory fight with the green enemies, exit from the broken wall and look for the spinning wheel. There is a large, multi-level stairway here which you’ll need to chase the Cat around. We managed to catch this feisty feline simply by running after it – no real problems. You may need to try and intercept it on the stairways, though. Try to plot its route and catch it as it ascends the stairs if you’re having issues.

The Frog can be found in the same area; go down the ruine staircase with the lotuses on it and head across the arena. You should be at the opposite side from the staircase. Jump up the platforms, find the pagoda building and that telltale chirp of the Frog will lead you right to the center of the roof. Nice and easy.

The Crow you’ll come across during the main story. Play the level as you usually would until you set your ass on fire (when it happens, you’ll know). There’ll be a fight on a bridge, then you’ll see a stairway near some ruined rock – you’ll hear the Crow caw, and it’ll fly away. If you can see the entrance to Rodin’s shop, you’re in the right area. Simply jump up to the roof of the building opposite, force the Crow to fly where you came from, and catch it on the roof.

Umbran Tears of Blood - Chapter 6: Off the Rails locations

The Cat you will find near the start of the level – all three of the first Verses are found in the rooms adjoining the starting area. Finish Verse 2, in a courtyard filled with lava, and you will see the cat in the area afterwards. It runs around on the walkways over the lava; chase it and cut corners and it should be an easy catch.

Proceed until Verse 4, clear it, then take a right at Rodin’s shop. Head straight to the small raised building ahead of you. Approach the Crow from this angle and you’ll see it fly down to another area (where you can find Verse 5, a hidden challenge, when you climb back up). Simply drop above the Crow and intercept its flight path to catch it. You may need more than one attempt.

The Frog can be found immediately after Verse 7. The wall around the arena will disappear, and you should see a ruined iron door next to some falling lava. The frog is on the door.

Umbran Tears of Blood - Chapter 7: Burning Sands locations

The first Umbran Tear of Blood you’ll find is the Crow. After the sequence with Cheshire where you’re digging for water, backtrack a little once you gain control of Viola to a small gap in the wall of rocks. It’ll lead you to an easy boss fight in Verse 6. After this, keep going – you should find a ledge on a cliffside that’ll take you to an area with the Crow. Finding it is the hard part; to catch it, you can approach from either direction and chase it down with your dash and wire jump.

Next is the Frog. In the area after finding the water with Chesire, you’ll see a load of sandy waterfalls to your right. Get behind them, break the chest, then you’ll start hearing ribbits shortly after. Check the rocks near the chest and you’ll find your Frog friend.

The Cat is in the same area; head to the middle of this part of the map, where there are some broken pillars in the stream of quicksand. You’ll see the Cat getting some sun in the middle, on some broken stairs. We found the best way to get the cat was to chase it across the central stack of pillars so it rests on the flat platform towards the end of the level. Dash, hop and wire zip to the platform with a good aim, and you’ll catch it before it has a chance to run away.

Umbran Tears of Blood - Chapter 8: A Croaking Chorus locations

Don’t let the noise of the other Frogs deceive you! The first Tear of Umbran Blood in this level can be found in the first large area. You’ll see a big waterfall crashing down behind a temple – just beyond the big gold halo on the ground that triggers Verse 3. Look behind the waterfall and you’ll find your Frog (with a bunch of others) having a nice outdoor recital.

Your next target, the Crow, is further down into the level – you’ll start descending some huge, ancient Egyptian steps on a massive walkway. About halfway down, near Rodin’s shop, there’ll be an earthen platform under you, and the Crow is perched on it (the side facing the caves, not the cliffs). Drop down on it from above and chase it up the sandy slopes from the way you came – ideally with your spider summon – and you’ll be able to catch it in no time.

The Cat is in the temple of Baal. In the room where you get an infinite summon well and need to call down the Song of Baal to proceed, look up on the pillars once you’ve cleared the room – the Cat will be prowling about across all the pillars. Turn into your Butterfly form and follow it about (you need to be precise with your jumps). You’ll soon catch up.

Umbran Tears of Blood - Chapter 9: Learning to Fly locations

Another one where there are some sneaky fake frogs waiting to trick you. To find this little bloater, you’ll want to hop down the crags right at the start of the level then head up the watery path to your right. You want to be between the windmill and the cascade of waterfalls. The Frog is in the grass.

The next Umbral Tear of Blood can be found after Verse 5, in the room with the wind turbines and the infinite summon well (where you’re forced to use your newest summon to make the turbines spin and open the door). Once you’ve solved the puzzle, masquerade as your spider form to climb the platform in the corner of the room – the one with the bird statue. The Crow will be on the dias there. I’m not sure I did this the ‘correct’ way, but using the spider’s double-jump and web line, I managed to intercept the Crow when approaching from the door you’re supposed to take to continue the level. It may take some trial and error.

The Cat is in the puzzle room where you’ll clear Verse 7. Once you’ve done the battle, head on over to the two platforms you’ll have to put weights on in order to release the door mechanism – you’ll see the cat darting about over this area. Simply give chase (we used the butterfly masquerade), learn its route, and intercept it on the corners. Voila! Another level complete.

Umbran Tears of Blood - Chapter 10: Cover of Night locations

The Crow is your first port of call. It’s in the first area that you spawn into, near the tall buildings in the peaks (after you’ve cleared Verse 2, turn around and you should be able to see it perched on the cliffs). If you chase it away from the area you’ve just come from, you can hop up past the area with the pillars and intercept it on the far ledge quite easily.

The Frog can be found once you arrive in Paris. Take a right from the main boulevard and you’ll find a side alley with a street (and a challenge where you fight alongside Bayonetta). Go on through here and you’ll come to a small enclosed area with what looks like a broken garage door. Summon Chesire to break the door, and find the Frog.

Despite being listed earlier, the Cat may be the last one you find (it’s slightly further on in the boulevard than the Frog). At one point in the street, you’ll notice a stairwell to an underground level on one side of the road, and a slip road on the other. The cat will disappear and reappear at each end as you chase it. But you’re quicker! So spook it from one side and get ready to catch it where it appears on the other. The best results come from scaring it off on the slip road side and catching it on the stairwell side.

Umbran Tears of Blood - Chapter 11: A Familiar Dance

The Crow is your first port of all, and it’s in the same area as Verses 1 and 2. Head onwards from these skirmishes just a little and you’ll see it perched on a ruined bit of rock near a bus. For this, I used the Simoon masquerade and pre-empted where it flies off from (it takes pretty much the same route no matter how you approach it). Just time and angle your flight right, and you will be able to catch it just as it takes off.

The Frog can be found shortly after – in the area where you need to use your new summon to illuminate the underground parking lot. Simply summon, light up the area, head two platforms forward and then one to the right. You’ll hear, then see, the frog.

Once you’re out of the dark, come out the tunnel and make an immediate U-turn. Head down the alley behind you, and you’ll see a challenge portal that’ll take you to Verse 3. Here, there’ll be a Cat meowing above you on a series of awnings that collapse when you stand on them. Pressure the Cat to the end, and it’ll try to hop up to an awning – you can catch it as it leaps if you position yourself well.

Umbran Tears of Blood - Chapter 12: The Edge of Madness

The Crow can be found in the very first area. Head forward from the starting zone and keep a keen eye to your right – when you find a ruined street with a wall of fog clinging to the left of an alley, head inside. There will be a Paradise pillar in here with a secret boss fight. Finish that up and you’ll see the Crow on a broken stairwell. Make it fly off, and it’ll fly through a building where you came in. You can catch it on the other side.

The Frog is also in the first area. Look down to the chasm to your left when you start the level and you’ll see a blackened, ruined building. You can jump on this without too much issue and without going out of bounds. Simply hop on the roof and see the Frog hiding on a rock, facing away from you.

Very shortly after this, you’ll come to an area where one path splits off ahead, and there’s a small arch to your right. Enter the arch, and you’ll see the Cat. You’re going to want to clear out the area of all the crap cluttering it up. Once it’s a bit clearer, you should be able to nab the cat nice and easily.

Umbran Tears of Blood - Chapter 13: Kingdom of One

The Cat can be found shortly after you start the level. As the world crumbles and you move forward keep an eye out for an outcrop to your left – the cat will be sitting on a platform there. Turn into your eagle masquerade and hover above the Cat as it jumps from island to island. You’ll eventually catch up with it and intercept it.

Next up is the Frog – and it’s found in exactly the same area. Head to the main island, so the Cat is to your right, and you’ll see a glowing pink rock sticking up to the right of the area. Look around thi rock and find the Frog croaking away.

Very shortly after this, you’ll climb up a spiral rock formation and you’ll see the Crow perched o a rock at the top. This one is tricky; you’re going to want to equip Simoon and turn into your eagle form and try to match the Crow’s ascent and descent as it flies. We did this by chasing after it, then hitting B once as the Crow flies up, catching it in the air. Good luck.

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