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Battlefield 5 paid currency is now live alongside new patch

In a new update, DICE finally added Battlefield Currency, the game's premium currency bought for real money.

Today's update introduced Battlefield Currency for the first time to all platforms. Battlefield Currency - which the community loves to refer to as Boins - was revealed back in October, a month before the release of Battlefield 5.

DICE pitched it as an alternative monetisation option to replace the Premium pass, essentially a way to fund content post launch. Since then, however, Battlefield Currency has been MIA, until today's release.

As originally planned, Battlefield Currency is strictly limited to cosmetic items such as weapon skins, and character outfits. In a blog post, the developer added two other items players can spend money on: XP boosts, and tier catch-ups for Tides of War - the game's seasonal progression system.

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Another major addition is so called Elite sets. These differ from traditional outfits in that they completely change the look of your character, and come with their own backstory. Each Elite set also includes unique voice lines, an end-of-game pose, and a Special Assignment that awards a unique melee weapons.

Though today's patch is already out, the in-game store has not yet been updated with new content, so we do not yet know how much the different items cost at the time of writing.

It's also worth keeping in mind that, much like every single feature added to Battlefield 5 post launch, the Battlefield Currency rollout is incomplete. Later today, the Armory will be updated with various cosmetic items, but Elite sets, and time savers will be added in the future.

When servers get updated later today, players will also find two starter packs that include some currency, as well as a few bonus cosmetics.

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