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Battlefield 5 battle royale mode Firestorm goes live in March - post-launch plans revealed

As promised, EA and DICE have outlined what players can expect to see at Battlefield 5's launch next month, and beyond.

Battlefield 5's post-launch content drops are split into chapters, each occupying about two months. With each chapter, the game will be expanded with new modes, maps, features, and more.

At launch, Battlefield 5 will include eight multiplayer maps, eight multiplayer modes, the single-player War Stories mode and the previously revealed weapons and classes. Several features and modes, such as Firestorm, the Combined Arms co-op mode, vehicle customisation and more will arrive post-launch.

This all starts with Overture, the first post-launch chapter, taking place between early December and January. In this chapter, multiplayer will receive the Panzerstorm map, focusing on tank battles in Belgium. The Last Tiger War Story will also be released during this chapter.

Vehicle customisation is another feature launching with Overture. Battlefield 5 is getting a practice range as well, with the first version of the mode dropping during the first chapter of Tides of War. The area will be based on the Hamada map and it'll allow players to practice shooting, flying, driving etc.

Lighting Strikes follows on in January and March. This is when Combined Arms is going to launch, offering a PvE co-op experience across several missions and maps. In multiplayer, Lighting Strikes will bring an updated version of Rush, and the new mode Squad Conquest.

The new Rush replaces MCOMs with bombs, and it's only going to be available during this chapter. Squad Conquest, on the other hand, is a 16-player mode where two teams of two squads attempt to capture and hold the flags in a mini version of Conquest.

Trial by Fire is the third chapter of Tides of War. Starting in March, Battlefield 5's battle royale mode Firestorm will be available for the first time.

Traditional multiplayer will receive a new map set in Greece's Cretan coast, featuring a mix of tank warfare and air superiority.

Each Tides of War chapter comes with weekly challenges and exclusive rewards for those willing to put in the time. Players will also be making chapter progression, which itself awards new items upon reaching each new rank.

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Battlefield 5 is out November 20 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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