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Battlefield 4: China Rising gameplay videos show new map carnage

Battlefield 4: China Rising reviews are dropping now, and YouTube personality Westie has kindly sent us over a batch of gameplay videos, each showing off the four new maps in action. Caution: it gets a bit 'explodey.'

Yeah okay, I just made up a word. Sorry.

UPDATE: YouTuber MattTheMusketeer has also chipped in with his own video, showing an overview of all four China Rising maps. Check it out:

He's also chucked us a Silk Road video. Cheers chap!

ORIGINAL STORY: Westie send us the clips this morning, featuring maps Altai Range, Silk Road, Dragon Pass and Guilin Peaks. All gameplay shown is running on Xbox One.

Here's the footage:

Altai Range

Silk Road

Dragon Pass

Guilin Peaks

What do you think?

Battlefield 4: China Rising is out today.

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