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Battlefield 1's spectator mode screenshots are absolutely gorgeous

These new Battlefield 1 screenshots show that in-game weather can completely change what the players perceive.

Battlefield 1 screenshot 3

Battlefield 1's spectator mode screenshots are absolutely gorgeous

Battlefield 1 is looking pretty fun so far, and might bring the franchise out of its modern warfare funk in a way Battlefield Hardline couldn't achieve. But however the game turns out, it's going to look gorgeous in the attempt. A set of alpha screenshots making the rounds online showcase Battlefield 1's spectator mode with the visual settings cranked up, making the environment look less like a game and more like painted art.

The Battlefield 1 screenshots appear to showcase a single map - noted by the two windmills acting as bases - in a variety of weather settings. Whether everything is covered in rain and fog, or the clear sky reveals the devastated landscape around you, the visuals are richly detailed. You'll probably need a high-end PC to experience these sights in-game, but it's promising to see what the Frostbite engine is capable of all the same.

Battlefield 1 screenshot 11

Battlefield 1 screenshot 8

You can check out the full gallery here. Battlefield 1 launches for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 21, 2016.

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