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Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Torment of Hades: Ending, Choices and Puzzle Answers Guide

After threatening to depose the queen of Elysium, the Eagle Bearer descends into the underworld, coming face-to-face with its enigmatic and wicked ruler, Hades.

With Cerberos slain by the hands of the Misthios, Hades tasks them with restoring balance to death by finding four new guardians for the gates of hell.

In this episode of the DLC there only seems to be one proper ending. Where in Episode 1 multiple characters could be affected differently by the main questline, in Torment of Hades the main choices that you’re presented with mostly come in sidequests.

At this point I’ve played the full DLC through twice - doing things differently each time - and the ultimate result was the same.

With the sidequests, I’ve tested the majority of different paths, and these are the results that I’ve come out with. Some characters’ fates seem to be the same regardless of which path you choose, while you can have a much larger effect on others.

Take this as a spoiler warning for the outcome of all sidequests in the Torment of Hades. However, I’ll try to keep story details as brief as possible, and remember to CTRL + F the quest name you’re stuck on if you don’t want to see everything.

The Weight of Sparta Quest

When you first meet Brasidas, I chose the options: "We fought together at Pylos", "You deserve Elysium", and "Deimos is alive".

From the Eternal Battlefield in the Mourning Fields, travel north to the Forgotten Sepulchre marked on your map. Inside you’ll find a locked door.

Door Puzzle Solution

The first symbol is Time in the top right of the room.

The second symbol is Mind in the bottom left.

And the third symbol is Water, which is in the top left.

If you decide to go through the dungeon, it’s quite straightforward. Simply follow the path, clearing out all the groups of enemies along the way.

From the symbol room go left and kill the dudes waiting in the next chamber. You’ll see the Time symbol on the wall here.

Then go around past the captain and slide under the wall, keeping following the passage, then go down the hall.

In this chamber go right,then swim underwater, getting the Mind symbol on the way. Once you surface, jump into second pool, swim right, then follow the passage until you get to block puzzle.

To solve it push in the third block from the left, then look to the left. There should be a gap that you can go into. Walk over and pull the newly exposed block towards you to the right.

You can now come out and move the first and second blocks on the left over to the right and squeeze through.

On the other side, go right up the stairs, then when you reach a second block puzzle, just pull out centre block and walk around.

In the chamber with Brasidas’ Shield, it’s the one on the right; the Spartan Shield with damage.

Don’t bother taking the others, it just spawns enemies.

Kill me once, Shame on You Quest

In the dialogue choice, I chose, “You fought with hubris”. (This is the only choice I’m not sure about in the whole DLC, but I don’t think it changes the outcome.)

Fallen from Grace Quest

From the dialogue options, I chose, “Tell me about your love”.

Follow Brasidas into cave and find him by following the path. Enter the Cradle and fight your way to the end, then collect the ashes.

Return to hanged woman, and say “You’ve suffered enough”.

When you get to choose between Spartan Honor, War, and Brasidas, I’ve chosen all three of these options, and all of them resolved with the same outcome.

In the final dialogue choice, I’ve again chosen both and all of them resolved in the same way.

Death Before Dishonor Quest

The first of Charon’s fetch quests is the most straightforward. Simply go and complete the stated dungeon to return the soldier’s equipment, searching the chests inside.

In the dialogue options, I chose, “I’ve been sent to help you” and “Athens is safe and sound”. '

This leaves the soldier in peace and Charon is happy with the result.

A Cursed Sickness Quest

You’ll find the Elysium Breach to the northeast of the Barren Pond, just to the south of the Passage of Souls.

Regardless of whether to tell Testikles if you have the flower or not, the conversation resolves in the same way.

When you take the Asphodel flower to Hades’ palace, I’d recommend refusing his offer, because it’s easy to find all of the Fallen targets without his help.

Now stick close by to the woman to protect her from Hounds as she makes her way to the Pyre.

Home is Where You Make It Quest

This mission plays out slightly differently based on whether you choose the cave or the camp.

Both paths are escort missions where you have to protect the family from Hounds on the way to their new home, then clear all of the enemies out of the location.

At the Camp you fight Isu soldiers.

At the Cave you fight the “Sisters of Vengeance”.

Either way it’s a happy ending if you manage to keep them alive. The camp is probably a bit easier to do.

Death-Light Robbery Quest

Once you’ve accepted this quest by talking to Charon, go over to the Passage of Souls and search for clues.

There are two people with magnifying glasses over their heads that you can talk to.

Then there’s box inside the giant monster skull.

Another box on the western side of the pool by the groups of people.

And a final box in the southeast.

You then need to talk to the two witnesses again about the dagger you picked up.

Is the Merchant or Politician guilty?

Judging by the gold bracelet, fancy knife, and fact the politician was addressing a crowd at the time of the robberies, the merchant is guilty.

He fesses up after you accuse him.

In the final dialogue choice, I said, “The people should be granted passage”.

New Lease on Death Quest

In the dialogue options, I chose, “Prove you’ve changed”, and “I’ve had enough of Elpenor too”, and the prisoner fessed up.

Arms of Atonement Quest

In this quest, I let Elpenor help me find the Gauntlets. Nothing ill comes of letting him help and you find what you’re looking for.

You need to smash the pots on the other side of the shelves to move them.

Remember to go down the well in front of the door of the Treasury, it's where you'll find the Birth Cave of Kronos Keeper's Insight.

The Snake Sheds His Skin Quest

For this quest, if you choose to ignore Elpenor’s plan the Monger will escape and you’ll have to track him down.

If you follow along, you’ll be able to take down the Monger in that temple.

At the Entrails of Gaia, you’ll have the option to say whether you think Elpenor has changed or not.

If you choose to accept that he’s changed, he’ll be happy and go off contented. Pick the other option, and he won’t be quite as happy…

Either way, Hades will reveal that it was all a test for you.

There is one small change in the cutscene here depending on your choice. If you forgive Elpenor, Poseidon wins the bet, if you don’t, Hades wins.

Lost But Not Forgotten Quest

This is a really long quest chain. The following are the dialogue options I chose to get the wholesome “happy” ending.

First up, after finding the Child to the north of the Barren Pond and west of the Passage of Souls, I chose “I think about you every day”.

Then after retrieving the eagle toy, I said, “It was my fault”, and “you died”.

A Young Warrior’s Ghosts Quest

After escorting Phoibe to the Ixion Wheel, kill all of the guards, using Ikaros to spot them if it’s unclear, then ascend the stairs to find the woman.

In the dialogue, I chose, “I won’t hurt you”, then “I’ve never heard of her”, then “We find your parents”.

Undoing what’s been done

For some unknown reason, the Eagle Bearer allows Phoiebe - who has been kidnapped on multiple occasions and killed when left on her own - go alone to Salmoneus’s Hubris, which is up in the north of the Scorched Lands, near Perseus.

Go there, kill the enemies and you’ll find where to go next.

Head a little north to the Ancient Temenos and enter the skull cave.

At the end of the cave, you’ll find another captive and be sent to speak to Charon.

Say “I can pay you to take me”, and you’ll set off after Phoibe straight away.

The Warrior, The Eagle Bearer

In this new area, you’ll fight the enemy you’ve been searching for.

Then, when the kill has been confirmed, you’ll enter another dialogue scene.

I chose, “I’ll always be there for you”, “You belong in Elysium”, “They’re going to love you”, and “I’ll come to you”.

This course of action leads Phoibe to accept her fate and enjoy Elysium for the rest of her days - even Hades seems a little impressed.

And that’s each and every side quest there is! Now all that’s left is to collect all of the Armor of the Fallen and recruit the four Fallen Guardians for the Gates of Hades.

Oh, and you’ll want to pick up the three Keeper’s Insights in this realm too.

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