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The Ascent Anabolic Express quest | How to reach The Node

The Veles Arcology is rife with illicit substances, and during The Ascent’s Anabolic Express quest, you are the mule.

Once you reach Cluster 13, on the southern side you’ll find a Skill Point in the gym and a side-quest giver.

He’ll ask you to grab a package from the other side of the city to help the newbs at his gym get swole.

The Ascent Anabolic Express side quest

The task at hand seems simple, head to The Node and find Merle.

However, despite Anabolic Express having the recommended level 2, the area you need to visit doesn’t actually unlock until you’re closer to level 10.

If you’ve not already unlocked the area, return to completing the primary story quests until you’re given access to The Node.

This is about 2 or 3 story missions away from where you’re likely at in The Ascent. Don’t make the mistake of running all to the locked door only to have to trudge all the way back again.

To get to The Node from Cluster 13, you need to go to Arcology: Warrens and into the “Highstreet” door.

Follow the Mission HUD by pressing “o” on your keyboard or pressing up on your controller’s D-Pad if you’re lost.

At the bottom of the elevator you’ll be in The Glut, which is next to the shopping district of The Node.

You’ll find Merle on the western side of The Node marketplace, where he’ll give you the package.

Return the goods back to the gym in Cluster 13, and you’ll be rewarded with a good chunk of experience points, as well as 8,000 Ucreds.

Speak to the gym manager again later and you’ll be able to get another similar side quest from him. That one also gives you not just a good amount of XP, but a useful health module as well.

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