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Apex Legends season 15 introduces stickers, the new Broken Moon map, and zip rails!

New gameplay details on the latest Apex Legends season has us going to the moon!

Apex Legends Season 15 Eclipse is almost here, and it’s bringing with it a bunch of new features that’ll have battle royale fans and collectors excited with the new Broken Moon map, Cosmetic stickers, non region locked gifting and a brand new cybernetic battle pass.

In this article, not only will we take a journey through all the new content (temporary and otherwise), you’ll also be able to read the thoughts of the development team behind the season, who shared added info via a press and influencer event earlier this month.

We've been provided some handy B-Roll for you to look over. What better way to see what Broken Moon will be like?

Apex Legends Season 15 new map: Broken Moon

Screenshot from the Broken Moon map from Apex Legends season 15
A small look at the Moon, far less busted and boring as you might expect.

As was teased in the trailers we’ve seen so far, players will be headed to the Moon orbiting Boreas this season. Broken Moon has been in development since just after season 8 — roughly 18 months — and stands out as a partially terraformed moon. According to world director Ed Agostini, it was a colony in the making until the Apex Games came to town, putting all the work to an end.

As such, the map is a mix of industrial equipment, unfinished buildings, furnished and comfortable looking homes for workers. “We didn’t want the moon to be a dark, depressing map” states Agostini. “We had this idea of heaven vs hell, light vs dark when we were creating the map”. This is reflected in some portions of the map being built up with pleasant looking POIs, while other potions remain unfinished and inhospitable.

Gameplay wise, lead level designer Jeff Shaw spoke about one of the major design goals for the map: diversifying the typical way players navigate the Apex Games. “We wanted to mix of the typical trajectory of maps , where people started from the edges and moved in” To achieve this, Broken Moon has two major differences to other maps. Zip rails, and giant POIs.

Zip rails are an exclusive feature to Broken Moon that the team is “super super hyped about”, and act as a sort of transit system taking you around the map to set locations to jump on and off, essentially giving you a quick way of navigating the moon, at the cost of safety. Not only will people be able to shoot at you while you zoom around on the rails, you’ll have reduced accuracy while on it, so weighing up the pros and cons of using it will be something players will have to consider.

Screenshot from the Broken Moon map (zip rail) from Apex Legends season 15
Zip Rails will let you fly quickly across the map, great for repositioning.

As for large POIs, Broken Moon has a mix of typical smaller “sweaty” POIs where you can hot drop for fast fights and explosive starts, and these huge POIS that are roughly the size of two POIs glued together.

Jeff Shaw elaborated on the benefits, stating: “Our objective was to soften hot-drop pile ups in the early game…We really wanted to give squads a reason to visit that POI, but feel a little bit more comfortable. Larger POIs mean more landing options, more space to share, and more looting options.”

All in all, Broken Moon is slightly larger than World’s Edge and is bringing a variety to shiny new additions to mix up the usual pace and feel of Apex Legends games. It’ll be a part of the map rotation, alongside Olympus and World’s Edge when Season 15 Eclipse launches.

Apex Legends Season 15 Eclipse: Stickers!

Stickers menu screen from Apex Legends season 15
Stickers offer yet another chance to customise, for those who're into being unique.

If you’ve noticed animation changes to items recently, you have stickers to thank! These cosmetics can be applied to items such as health packs and shield cells, allowing you to further customise your Legends above and beyond weapon and character skins.

This is a permanent addition to the game, and at the moment have been totally created by the team. We asked how you acquire them, but sadly got no answer from the press event. Nor did the team elaborate on whether they’d be expanding the feature with competitive Apex Legends in mind, like Valve and CS:Go has with player-created stickers for big tournaments.

Limited Time modes becoming permanent? Not yet

As with every season (and every pre-launch press and influencer event), the team was asked whether they had considered bringing limited time modes to the game as a permanent feature (especially since some of them have proven damn popular over the past few months). According to design director Evan Nikolich, the answer is still no. “We’re still learning from limited time modes, and we’re focusing on the battle royale right now”.

However, when asked whether Winter Express will be making a return this season alongside the Christmas season, Evan replied “there’s a chance”. So maybe put that on your gift wishlist if you want to see it return in the near future.

That concludes our round-up on the latest Apex Legends Season 15 Eclipse maps and features info! Be sure to keep a tab here for future info breakdowns on other big additions coming to the game this season.

If you want to read more about Apex Legends Season 15, check out our coverage of Catalyst’s reveal earlier this month, as well as everything we know about Apex Legends Season 15 Eclipse here!

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