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EA funds travel for competitive Apex Legends players following community backlash

After initially paying for just the top five teams in each region, EA is now covering costs of travel for everyone taking part in competitive events

After rambunctious community feedback on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms, EA will fund the travel fees of all competitive teams taking part in year 2 Apex Legends events. This all happened within the course of 24 hours, and stands to make reaching events far more realistic for some of the worlds best players.

Previously, only the top five teams from APAC North, NA, and EMEA had their costs covered by the publishers of Apex Legends, as well as just the top 2 teams from APAC South and SA.

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This, as you can imagine, put additional financial stress on certain teams who until this change in policy were going to have to fund the trip to Stockholm Sweden for the April 29 Split 2 playoffs. For teams based whole continents away, being expected to pay for their entire team plus coaching staff would have burnt a significant hole in their pocket.

But, with these costs now being covered, this worry goes out the window entirely. Not only can teams travel to Sweden on EA’s dime, but they’ll be able to go to the ALGS Championship in similar fashion provided they qualify for the finals.

One can only hope that this trend continues into the third year of competitive Apex Legends events. While the shift is great news, it is specified that only costs of travel for the remaining year 2 events will be covered. It’s hard to imagine going back to the old plan considering the backlash, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for nonetheless.

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