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Respawn accidentally revealed its next Apex Legends character

The character was previously seen in a leak earlier this year.

Respawn Entertainment seems to have accidentally shown off the next Apex Legends character joining the roster.

You might remember that back in March there was quite a big Apex Legends leak showing nine potential new characters, including the most recent addition Newcastle. Now it seems that Respawn itself has accidentally shown a brief preview of the next character joining the game, advertising a potential upcoming Stories from the Outlands. If you want to wait for the official reveal though, maybe skip this one.

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As reported by Dot Esports, one fan spotted this preview in the Apex client yesterday (July 23), inviting players to watch a Stories from the Outland episode titled Survive. "There's a new installment of the Stories from the Outlands!" reads the description. "Watch survive and meet the new Legend joining the Games in Apex Legends: Hunted, coming August 9!"

From the looks of things, the character shown off in the preview is Vantage, who was part of that big leak. She had an actual model in the leak, implying that we would see her turn up sooner rather than later.

Obviously when details leak you can never guarantee that they'll be the same when the thing actually comes out, but based on the leak Vantage is believed to be a reconnaissance style character. She'll be able to gather information on her enemies by aiming down the sight of a long range scope, or unarmed and targeting an enemy.

And she'll also have some kind of winged companion that she can apparently teleport to, making it sound like she'll be able to get in and get information and get out again quickly.

At the moment you can jump into the Apex Legends Gaiden event, which is running until August 2. This particular event might appeal to anime fans, with anime-inspired cosmetics to unlock. If you have any interest in streaming Apex Legends, there's even some anime v-tuber avatars you can download for free from the Apex Legends website.

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