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Apex Legends trailer dives into Newcastle's heroic backstory

The new trailer sheds some light on Newcastle's surprising history.

After a reveal of the latest Apex Legends playable character earlier this week, Respawn Entertainment has released a trailer that explores some of his backstory.

Respawn gave us a look at Newcastle at the start of the week, where we saw some of what his moveset might be like. And we also learned that he's the missing brother of Bangalore, Jackson. Now, a new Stories from the Outlands trailer has given us a comic book look into Newcastle's history.

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As briefly mentioned in the first trailer, Newcastle has tried to get into the Apex games many times, but the people of Harris Valley celebrate him nonetheless. But surprisingly, Jackson isn't Newcastle himself, not to start out at least.

It turns out that Jackson is just a resident of Harris Valley, with a wife and two kids. He doesn't appear to be anyone special, nor does he appear to have a lot of money, as evidenced by him being concerned when his daughter wants a Newcastle plush.

Then one night, it turns out his daughter lost the same doll somewhere out in town. Jackson heads out to find it, but ends up finding the real Newcastle being beaten up by a gang called the Forgotten Families. The real Newcastle is shot, leading Jackson to pick up some scrap metal to use as a shield and kind of save the day. And in turn, he makes a deal with a member of the Forgotten Families to take Newcastle's place and get into the games, otherwise the town will be destroyed.

Of course, that then leads into the encounter we see between Jackson and his sister Bangalore in the reveal trailer.

The update that introduces Newcastle is set to bring him in May 10, alongside season 13. Aside from this new character, players will be able to experience new content like The Downed Beast, a giant creature players will have to fend off as seen in the reveal trailer. The ranked system has gotten a rework too, and of course there's a new battle pass.

And if you're curious about what else is coming to Apex Legends, well March saw a huge leak revealing the next nine characters, with Newcastle being one of them.

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