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Apex Legends Mobile adds new character Rhapsody in Distortion update

With the second season of the game on the way, a new character is coming in loud.

Season 2 of Apex Legends: Mobile is almost here - launching July 12 for Android and iOS users - and it’s coming with a brand new character. Going by the name Rhapsody - this new challenger in the Apex games is all about bringing the noise to the battle with a range of audio-based abilities.

In terms of story details - we know Rhapsody is a DJ who, with the help of their robot buddy Rowdy, is competing in the Apex games to earn some cash and free their family from debt. This might sound awfully similar to Newcastle - the defensive support legend added to Apex Legends earlier this year. It turns out competing in a massive fatal free-for-all is a good way to make a decent paycheck.

Watch the Distortion trailer here for a look at Rhapsody!

We’ve not been given the rundown on other aspects of the season 2 update, although we can discern some additional info from the Rhapsody trailer. For one, you can pick out several of her abilities including a shining one-way shield that she can throw forward, blocking incoming bullets while allowing Rhapsody to get some easy damage in.

There’s also a new map in Pythas Block 0 - a neon-lit urban sprawl that teams can run and gun through. While we have no idea about what points of interest are on the map, nor how large it is compared to other maps, it certainly looks significantly different than any other map we’ve seen before - in both Apex Legends and its mobile versions.

With Rhapsody making their way to the game, this marks the second mobile-exclusive legend behind Fade as the game drifts further away from the original PC and console title. Whether this trend will continue or if we’ll see some of the past DLC characters come to the battle royale remains to be seen. Fingers crossed for Valkyrie!

Are you going to try out this new addition to Apex Legends Mobile? Let us know below!

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