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All activities in Anthem have matchmaking, BioWare confirms

BioWare has assured fans they won't have to LFG before playing Anthem's various activities.

One of the many mysteries surrounding Anthem has been whether developer BioWare will be making it easier for solo and casual players to find groups for the more demanding activities in the game.

Lead producer Ben Irving was asked on Twitter if certain activities will require pre-made groups, and they confirmed definitively that all activities in Anthem offer matchmaking.

Matchmaking in co-op games has been the standard for years, of course, but the reason why players continue to ask for it in Anthem has to do with the success of Destiny. The comparisons between the two games are unavoidable, so it follows that some fear BioWare might be learning the wrong lessons from Bungie's success.

Destiny, famously, doesn't offer matchmaking for most of its end-game, challenging activities. Though Bungie attempted to sort of remedy that with Destiny 2's Guided Games, the feature is unusable for most players due to the wait time associated with it, and the fact many simply aren't interested in being guides.

It's good news, then, Anthem players will at least have the option. If they're not interested in using it, LFG sites will always exist.

Earlier today, we got to see a full playthrough of a new Anthem mission. Hit the link to see it.

Anthem is out February 22 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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