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BioWare reassures Anthem fans game is not being abandoned amid high-profile departures

As Anthem leads move on to other projects within BioWare, those still committed to the Anthem cause are worried that the developer is cutting its losses.

Over the past few days, Anthem players noticed that some of the game's most visible leaders have updated their Twitter bios to indicate they're no longer involved with the game.

Executive producer Mark Darrah, and lead producer Michael Gamble have both started working on other BioWare projects. Anthem game director Jonathan Warner has also recently stepped away, though that has to do with a family emergency, with the belief that he'll return to the game after taking some personal time.

Darrah even tweeted about it, low-key confirming the team is working on Dragon Age 4. The veteran producer also linked to last year Dragon Age Game Awards teaser.

It's been reported that BioWare recently rebooted a Dragon Age project to better align with EA's games-as-a-service ambitions. It's very possible Dragon Age 4 is that project.

In response to this uncertainty, Michael Gamble tweeted that the "studio's support and commitment to anthem HAS. NOT. CHANGED (emphasis his)." Gamble in turn referred fans to the Twitter profiles for Ben Irving, and Chad Robertson - both of whom work at BioWare Austin, the studio which has seemingly now taken over post-launch support.

The news comes at a time when community morale has reached an all-time low, after BioWare delayed the game's roadmap indefinitely as it continues to work on bugs and other core problems.

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