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Aliens: Colonial Marines wasn't intended to exploit, says Pitchford to accusing fans

Aliens: Colonial Marines was not intended to exploit gamers, Gearbox Software founder Randy Pitchford has said. The developer engaged in a Twitter argument with fans on the matter, after he suggested the industry should entertain, rather than exploit.

This is the tweet that started the fracas:

Fans then piled on Pitchford, accusing Gearbox of exploiting fans through Aliens: Colonial Marines blurry development and poor handling of the source material.

In one tweet, Pitchford defending the game's intentions, and admitted that its failure to entertain is not equal to exploitation:

And then:

And finally:

The stream of tweets goes on and you can follow them here.

What do you make of the criticism aimed at Pitchford? Is this a hypocritical argument, or should we all just chill out a bit? Let us know which below.

Thanks CVG.

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