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Alice plays a "huge" part in Alan Wake, says Remedy

Alan Wake 5

So did you think Alice Wake would be a bit-player amongst her husband's main plot? Wrong, kiddos!

Remedy's head of franchise, Oskari Hakkinen, has said she plays a bigger role in Alan Wake then you might think.

Speaking with VG247 the game's London event on Wednesday, the exec said that the part she plays within the story is "huge".

"Alice is the reason why Wake is going through trying to unravel this mystery," said Hakkinen. "She’s the driving force behind going through the adventure he’s going through, trying to unravel the mystery and ultimately save his wife.

"Her role is huge from a motivational perspective."

How Alice's "big role" plays out is unknown, but the trailer for its re-reveal back in late 2008 may provide a hint or two.

Alan Wake is due for release on May 18 in the US and May 21 in the UK, exclusive to Xbox 360.

Catch our full interview with Oskari Hakkinen here.

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