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Agents of Mayhem trailer leaks with August release date, strong Saints Row flavour

Agents of Mayhem, the first post-Saints Row game from Volition Inc, looks pretty familiar in a good way.

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An Agents of Mayhem trailer popped up online over the weekend, apparently leaked ahead of schedule.

Regular source Wario64 was one of a number of those who shared the Agents of Mayhem trailer on Twitter, although takedowns hits many of the leaks and their mirrors. The one above was working at time of writing, but who knows for how long? (Update: we've subbed in the official version, now that everything's aboveboard.)

Announced in June 2016, Agents of Mayhem is a comic book style Saints Row spin-off. Set in the same universe as Volition's open world franchise, it focuses on a group of anti-heroes who face off against a supervillain, thus providing plenty of scope for Volition's trademark mayhem (title callback, wha-hey!) within the familiar good vs bad framework.

We don't yet know a lot about the project but given the leak we can probably expect a bunch of Agents of Mayhem news pretty soon. The trailer ends by revealing an August 2017 release window, so that's one bit spoiled. The footage suggests you may be playing as preset characters rather than making your own, but have cosmetic customisation options at the very least.

Just judging by the trailer, it looks like a lot of Voilition's DNA has survived the transition to a new IP. Saints Row is a great series - way better than all that dildo bat nonsense suggests - and the superpowers in the fourth game and its Gat Out of Hell spin-off were extra fun, so Agents of Mayhem looking a lot like Saints Row with extra cartoon elements is okay in my book.

Unlike Overwatch, which also embraced a Saturday Morning Cartoon style aesthetic, it doesn't look like Agents of Mayhem will be PG-rated. Colourful visuals? Fine. Shouting "ahoy motherf**kers" while you drive a car through a building? Ratings bodies tend to frown on it.

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