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Latest Agents of Mayhem team preview is the one that just enjoys blowing s**t up

Agents of Mayhem presents the Carnage a Trois, a fancy way of saying "I hope your insurance is paid up".

The three Agents of Mayhem who make up the Carnage a Trois team have one thing in common: they love to smash, blow up and otherwise destroy things in the execution of their duties, and never mind the cost or consequence.

Daisy, aka Piper Andrews, looks a heck of a lot like a roller derby player despite - or maybe because of - the minigun. She cruises around on skates of some kind and her catchphrase is "talk to the clam". I already love her. I would kill for her. I will not get the chance; she'll do it for me.

Oleg Kirlov is an ice-themed Russian better known as Yeti. He can freeze enemies, which makes smashing them even more satisfying. It is appropriate - nay, actively encouraged - to hum songs form Frozen while he dances around the battlefield crushing skulls.

Braddock - that's her actual surname - reminds me very much of Duke Nukem, except that I have never heard her make an embarrassingly unfunny sexist joke. (Yet?) In any case she is a character with the badass attitude required to ignite explosions with a cigar stub, something we all aspire to.

You can see the three members of Agents of Mayhem's Carnage a Trois in a variety of different skins in the trailer below.

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Agents of Mayhem releases later this month. It's a sort of spin-off of Saints Row set in the same universe - canonically, it takes place after the "rebuild Earth" ending of Gat out of Hell - and even features returning characters like Johnny Gat and Pierce.

Inspired by Saturday Morning Cartoon of our youth, although possibly not yours if you only just squeeze into its ESRB Mature rating, it puts you in control of three characters at one time with the ability to switch between them at will.

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