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A devoted Starfield fan spent 200 hours figuring out the game's complete skill tree

What else is there to do while we wait?

A Starfield fan has apparently put in around 200 hours piecing together what might be the game's entire skill tree.

There's commitment, and then there's commitment. For one fan, that second version is spending a ridiculous amount of time putting together what they believe is every skill you can unlock in Starfield, based on what we've seen in footage and teasers released so far (thanks, GamesRadar). But as anyone that's taken a maths exam will know, you can't just have the answers, you've got to show your work too. And that's exactly what this user did, having made a 44-page long document that details each of the skills, what they do at different levels, and more.

After almost 200 hours of research, here is the complete skill system used in Starfield (SPECULATION)
by u/asd8dhd in Starfield

As well as that, they compiled a huge list of images showing all the different screenshots and trailers they pulled from to make the skill list document. It's certainly a whole lot more research and time than I've ever spent on anything in my life, so even if you don't take a deep look at the accomplishment, it's still worth a quick gander just so you can say "hot damn, that's a lot of research."

Based on what the user found, there should be four tiers across each of the five tiers, which starts at novice, before moving on to advanced, expert, and lastly master. It'll also apparently take you 16 skill points to reach the end of the master tier.

If you do take an in depth look at this massive amount of research, the user is looking for ways they can be proven wrong. But it's not like there's a particularly long wait to find out if the document is wrong or not, as the game is out in just over a month, launching on September 6.

Huge amounts of research aren't the only thing that fans are doing while they wait for the game, as some have even started to build their own ships.

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