Genshin Impact: Broken Isle puzzle | How to complete the Lake Puzzle

By Rebecca Jones
14 June 2021 17:25 GMT

The Lake Puzzle, otherwise called the Broken Isle Puzzle, is part of Genshin Impact‘s Midsummer Island Adventure.

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While not formally part of a quest, the Lake Puzzle features prominently among Broken Isle’s landmarks, and there are some unique rewards for completing it.

Where to start Broken Isle Puzzle in Genshin Impact

Broken Isle is a location on Golden Apple Archipelago, so travel to the waypoint there to begin the puzzle.

Across the three main landmasses that make up Broken Isle are five lakes. These are all at the islands’ highest points and, while not necessarily large, are easily visible from the map.

When approaching each lake, you’ll notice that there are two “pedals” made of rock. These can be used to raise and lower the water level of the nearby lake. There are three possible water levels: mostly empty, midway full, and mostly full.

Where to find clues for the Broken Isle Puzzle in Genshin Impact

The clue to solving the Lake Puzzle can actually be found while completing another quest which takes you to Broken Isle.

While on the trail of the murals for The Other Side of Isle and Sea, you need to head to the island’s south beach, right below the mountain where the teleport waypoint is.

Here you’ll see a Painted Wall mini-game marked out with an image of the Dodo-King. Break this wall by using the Wind-Blessed Harpastum on it and enter the cave that’s revealed. There might be some minor enemies to fight in here, but more importantly there will also be a mural.

This is one of five murals you need to photograph to finish this quest, but more importantly for our current purposes, it’s actually a hint to completing the Lake Puzzle.

How to solve the Broken Isle Puzzle in Genshin Impact

The central compass rose on the mural indicates which of the five lakes the corresponding image refers to.

From this, we learn that the lake water needs to be set to the following levels:

  • The lake on the small island to the northwest needs to be filled to midway (Level 2).
  • The lake on the western edge of the central island needs to be mostly full (Level 3). This lake will be empty at first; fill it by breaking the Hydro Elemental Amber before completing the puzzle.

  • The lake at the centre of the main island needs to be mostly empty (Level 1).
  • The lake on the eastern edge of the central island needs to be filled to midway (Level 2).
  • The lake on the mid-sized island to the northeast needs to be mostly empty (Level 1). This lake will be empty at first; fill it by breaking the rock pile (use Elemental Sight to identify it if you’re unsure). This will cause a waterfall to fill the lake, allowing you to complete the puzzle.

Return to the lakes in turn and fill them to the appropriate level using the rock pedals.

Completing the puzzle and getting the reward

After filling the lakes to the correct levels, head to the north of the main island, where you will find five stone pillars, corresponding with the five lakes.

Each pillar will have a rock pedal like the ones at the lake, plus a unique number of stripes on it, effectively numbering them from 1 to 5. Activate the pedals in order:

  • The central pillar with one stripe.
  • The southwestern pillar with two stripes.
  • The northeastern pillar with three stripes.
  • The northwestern pillar with four stripes.
  • The southeastern pillar with five stripes.

Once you’ve done this correctly three chests will spawn as your reward. You’ll also hear a brief bit of unique music, and get some special dialogue with Paimon.

If you’ve yet to embark on your Midsummer Island Adventure in Genshin Impact, check out our getting started guide.

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