Resident Evil 7 walkthrough part 5: How to get the shotgun

By Alex Donaldson, Tuesday, 2 May 2017 00:05 GMT

Up your firepower with the shotgun and make a mess of the Molded.


Resident Evil 7 Guide: Walkthrough #5 – How to solve the shotgun puzzle in the main hall

Now, you might have reached this page as part of our ongoing walkthrough of Resident Evil 7 start to finish, but you also might’ve arrived here as a direct result of searching for how to complete the shotgun puzzle. Because of that, let’s backtrack a little to some ground covered in part 4 of our walkthrough guide.

First up – get the Scorpion Key

The Scorpion Key is a required item to get the shotgun out of that locked-door puzzle. You can find the Scorpion Key down in the Processing Area of the house – the basement.

Down in the processing area there’s a blue gate that you can pull aside. In that room there’s a lot of stuff, all listed back in part 4, but down there as a part of that is the Scorpion Key. You need this to progress the story, but you can grab this as soon as you get access to the basement. Do so and then backtrack.

Use the Scorpion Key to open Grandma’s Room

As you backtrack from the processing area/basement. Follow the path – just up the hall from the stairs and the save room is a scorpion door. Open it and it leads back out into the main hall! A shortcut, lovely.

We’ve not done with this Scorpion key yet, though… Remember upstairs? Grandma’s room requires a Scorpion Key. So head upstairs, back to the area where you played the Mia tape and drained the gross bath a little earlier on. Keep in mind that while I’m not 100% sure how he works, for me Jack was still prowling about the main hall, the first area of the game and upstairs at this point. Be careful.

Grandma’s room is inside the Recreation Room. The door is facing the TV and the VHS player. In grandma’s room you’ll find:

  • A shotgun! But it’s broken… (Do you see where this is going?)
  • Some shotgun shells on the bed
  • Some handgun ammo in a cabinet
  • Some Chem Fluid on the side
  • Crouch to find some Burner fuel in front of the cabinet – this will come in handy very soon

Grab all the items you can carry and then take yourself back down to the main hall.

How to get the shotgun

You should know what you need to do now: grab the shotgun from the statue in the main hall. The doors will close and lock behind you.

Except now… you have a method of escaping. Put the broken shotgun into the statue’s hands… the doors will open. Et voila. You’ve got yourself a shotgun.

If you stashed the ammo while you couldn’t use it, don’t forget to pull some out of your storage to use it. Our walkthrough continues in part 5, but you can find a little more useful information on shotguns later in the game below…

resident_evil_7_midnight_demo (2)

How to repair the broken shotgun to get a double-barrelled shotgun

So, here’s an (easily misable) twist to Resident Evil 7’s shotguns: the broken shotgun from grandma’s room that you just put on the pedestal in order to escape with the shotgun that does work is actually a fully-functioning shotgun. It’s far more powerful, but only stores two mega-powerful shots at a time.

This double-barreled shotgun can be found later in the game. When you get access to the Snake Door Key as part of the main story, you’ll also gain access to Lucas’ room inside the Baker house. That in turn will take you into the attic.

In the attic there are two items that seem pretty useless at first: the Toy Axe and the Toy Shotgun. Once you get the Toy Shotgun, you can swap it out with the shotgun on the pedestal. With that, you have access to both shotguns – but one is still broken.

Hidden throughout the game are repair kits. These super rare items are used to fix a few broken weapons you can find around the game. One can be found underneath the front decking of the house pretty much as soon as you exit the main house, for instance. Using a repair kit on the broken shotgun will make it usable – it takes the same ammo as the regular shotgun, so it’s a pure damage versus shot speed trade-off choice. As soon as you’re outside you should consider finding this Repair Kit and stashing it in your locker for later as it’s the easiest to find.

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