World of Warcraft update 7.1: Return to Karazhan is live

Time to load up World of Warcraft: Legion and start patching your game, if you haven’t already.

Pvp headlines

  • Pick up Secret Ponchos for free on PlayStation 4 on December 2

    The stylistically impressive Secret Ponchos, inspired by the best of spaghetti westerns and fighting games, is headed to PlayStation 4 on December 2. And best of all, it’s free! Take up the mantle of Kid Red, a loose cannon with a sixgun, Phantom Poncho who has a whip, or one of three other outlaws just […]

  • Cryptic to revamp Star Trek Online PvP

    Cryptic’s Dan Griffis has confirmed on the game’s forums that PvP for Star Trek Online will get a revamp soon, noting playtime in the mode is massively down. Thanks, GoN.

  • SWTOR developer blog discusses PvP changes with update 1.2

    BioWare has updated the SWTOR blog to discuss the new PvP ranking system coming with patch 1.2. According to the team, changes in rank will be based on said rank when compared to your opponents’, and separate tracking options for solo and group players will be available. New Warzone rewards were also highlighted along with […]

  • Wargs detailed for latest LOTRO update

    Turbine’s put out the latest update on the Wargs for Lord of the Rings Online. In the latest development diary, changes for the race have now been detailed, such as stance changes depending on what type of situation the player is in and what you’d prefer. You can get the details here.

  • Guild Wars 2 World vs. World battles can contain up to 300 people on one map

    ArenaNet has said world vs. world battles in Guild Wars 2 could last up to two weeks at a time, considering there can be three servers fighting on map supporting up to 300 players.

  • SWTOR players reporting issues with PvP since update 1.1.2

    SWTOR players have reported issues with the PVP planet Ilum since update 1.1.2 was released, citing kills not being registered, this daily and weekly quest requirements not being met. At lot of folks who have leveled in the game are participating in PvP until new content is released, and have posted the issue on the […]

  • Magicka PvP patch hitting June 21, E3 trailer released

    Paradox Interactive and Arrowhead Game Studios today announced the PvP game mode for Magicka will go live on June 21.

  • Diablo III PvP gameplay shakycam shows hard action

    A new off-screen grab of PvP Diablo III play’s been posted on YouTube, showing a game unlikely to be playable by old women with poor eyesight.

  • Blizzcon: Diablo III demon hunter, PvP impressions round-up

    So. Diablo III looked hot before Friday’s opening ceremony at Blizzcon. By the end of the weekend, it would be looking “hawt”.

  • Diablo III - 20 minutes of awesome demon hunter, PvP footage

    This honestly looks awesome. Now, about that date, Mike.

  • BlizzCon 2010 Diablo panel: "97 billion builds per class," more about Demon Hunter

    We’re live at Tenacious-D-and-Chris-Metzen-Con 2010, and hey, they have videogames here too. This is one of them.

  • New DC Universe trailer shows villain PvP action

    New gameplay footage of DC Universe Online was released at New York Comic Con at the weekend, showing PvP action with villainous players. After the jump. It’s a walkthrough featuring a scary-looking clown (as opposed to any other kind) who has inhuman strength, loads of speed and psi-blasts to top it all off. Take a […]

  • City of Heroes community manager resigns

    As posted on the official City of Heroes boards, the game’s community manager has resigned after making some unpopular statements about PvP changes in the MMO. The staffer, “Lighthouse”, had already retracted and apologized for the note, in which he said, “We knew that the current PvP community wasn’t likely to react well to the […]

  • WoW PvE to PvP character transfers now live

    Blizzard’s announced that World of Warcraft players can now move PvE characters onto PvP servers. Wwe had no idea they couldn’t already. You have to pay to do it, obviously. More here.

  • STO FAQ posted, no separate PVP servers planned

    Cryptic’s posted an FAQ for Star Trek Online, including news that there won’t be PVP and PVE servers as such, but instead all play areas will be the same type. PVP will be possible in far reaches of the galaxy, by consent in disputed areas and not at all in Federation or Klingon space. It […]

  • Diablo III: PK out, PvP in

    Blizzard chap Bashiok has posted on the World of Warcraft Forums with a smidge of gameplay changes in Diablo III; Player Killing (PK) is out, and PvP is in, apparently. PK was a feature in previous Diablo titles but won’t feature in the newest game, said Bashiok, but a Player vs. Player system will be […]

  • Age of Conan PvP movie looks pretty cool

    There’s a movie on CVG of Age of Conan’s PvP aspects, and it’s all looking very good, if this sort of thing floats your boat. Funcom’s Erling Ellingsen takes us through the various modes in the game, including Capture the Skull and Team Annihilation. There’s also a quick snip of Siege Warfare at the end, […]

  • Gamespot offers Conan PvP beta keys

    Gamespot’s offering and exclusive chance to get on the Age of Conan PvP beta weekend, running April 18-20. Find the details here. The site’s giving away 15,000 slots on the test, and you’ll need to be a registered Gamespot user to get involved. Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures releases globally on May 20.

  • Age of Conan PvP modes revealed

    Here. Listed for the upcoming MMO’s competitive side are the following mini-games: Capture the Skull You will join one of two teams with the goal of capturing the opposing side’s skull as many times as possible. They will, of course, not take kindly to this and will try to stop you. Team Annihilation You will […]