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ZRun combines zombie survival and endless running for Vita

Beatshapers is pleased to present ZRun, a (not actually endless) runner survival horror mash up headed to Vita in northern summer.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, ZRun is a third-person beat-'em-up in which the main character is on the run during a zombie outbreak. You can avoid or attack zombies, but attacking uses up your stamina, which may mean you can't avoid the next static obstacle.

There are a variety of weapons including bats, tubes, machetes, guitars, swords and axes as well as various guns with limited ammo; you can spend your hard earned virtual cash on these as well as find them in game. A cast of playable characters boast distinct melee attacks, such as the primary protagonist's long-distance side kick.

Successfully completing a run unlocks new areas, and new environments may contain new items and abilities. Characters can be upgraded and customised, and used in the campaign or endless survival mode. There will be full leaderboard support.

Beatshapers, which published the Vita versions of Jetpack Joyride and Canabalt, is determined that potential players should know this is a beat-'em-up, not an endless runner; there's a goal to reach in every stage. Screens and trailer below.

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