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Zombie Cow announces Revenge of the Balloon-Headed Mexican


Zombie Cow Studios has announced an indirect sequel to Time Gentlemen, Please!, called Revenge of the Balloon-Headed Mexican.

The first episode has Dan and Ben solving puzzles like last time, and going up against an antagonist from south of the border who has a balloon for a head.

“Things are going to be a little different for the guys this time around, which’ll lead to some interesting new scenarios and puzzles," said Zombie Cow's Dan Marshall. "For example, Dan and Ben can now be split up, allowing the player to flip between the two as and when they choose. So we’ve got these two separate branches going on within the first episode - which makes it feel very different to the previous games.

“People will be able to jump straight into Revenge of the Balloon-Headed Mexican without worrying about what’s happened in previous installments. We’re shooting for these being truly episodic in size and scope - we’re looking at it being about the same sort of length as a TV show, depending on player skill.”

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