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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom's hot Ganondorf is thanks to one designer who really loves him

We've all got stars in ours eyes when it comes to Ganondorf.

You're probably not alone in having the hots for Tears of the Kingdom's Ganondorf, and it turns out his look is thanks to one designer who really loves him.

Look: Ganondorf is hot. Always has been, always will be. Yeah he's got a mean streak, but who amongst us doesn't love a bit of a bad boy? We've known since the first trailer for Tears of the Kingdom that Ganondorf would be back in some shape or form, with everyone quickly calling him Dehydrated Ganon. Everyone was hoping he would be rehydrated in some shape or form - then came the game's final trailer, showing us Ganondorf at his full might (and barest of chests), which yeah, everyone had the hots for. And it turns out we have a specific designer to thank for the good work he's done.

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Speaking to The Verge, Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma and game director Hidemaru Fujibayashi talked about all things Zelda, and rounding off the interview they were asked quite plainly why this version of Ganon is so attractive. According to Fujibayashi, it's thanks to Ganon's lead character designer. "With Ganon, this design really started with Twilight Princess," said Fujibayashi.

"There’s a staffer [Satoru Takizawa] who’s been in charge of Ganon’s design since Twilight Princess, and Ganon holds a really special place in this staffer’s heart [laughing]."

"Because this staff’s a veteran to the franchise, he’s able to really think about the needs and the ones of the entire team. There’s a part of this person that really kind of sealed away the love they have for Ganondorf in the designs that they’ve done in the past. But when I made this request to really make Ganon the way he is — because the spotlight is on him this time around, and he really is a crucial, integral character — I vividly remember the sparkle in this person’s eyes as they heard this."

There you have it folks, you can send your praises towards Takizawa (please just do this spiritually). Now we just need to know who designed Purah, who everyone is also thirsty for, obviously.

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