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Nintendo fans are already thirsty for Zelda Tears of the Kingdom's Ganondorf

A month away from release, many Nintendo have already got the hots for Zelda's big bad, and his big bad ripped bod.

There's a new trailer for everyone's favourite upcoming game, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The 'final trailer' for the game is absolutely riddled with with new and returning characters, with one returning face in particular being the most notable: the King of Evil, Ganondorf.

There have, of course, been some changes since Breath of the Wild. Perhaps it's linked to whatever has made parts of the world float up and start living amongst the clouds, perhaps it's something to do with Ganon staring directly into a blood moon... but something is different with him. He's bigger, badder and... hotter... than ever before.

Try not to get goosebumps. Go on.

"Bro, they did Ganon good," says one poster, reflecting on the new art that Nintnedo dropped to support the reveal of the King's return. "HOLY GOD DAMN" says another. "add hot ganondorf to street fighter 6" says a third.

My personal favourite, so far, might be "there’s gonna be so many mousemats of this guy" because that just evokes images of what fans are going to do with Ganon's tight pecks and juicy rump (not my words, do a Twitter search).

Do you feel it?

But what is it about this new look that's got people so hot under the collar? One fan notes that they "almost had a heart attack at the shot of him with the long hair", which makes sense. Another user says "my man's got the Leo Whitefang facial hair going on you love to see it," and given how the gay community lusts after Guilty Gear's OG daddy, it stands to reason why Ganon can muscle in on this scene, too (pun intended). Given another user just hit the keyboard until the word 'hunk' appeared enough times backs me up, here.

Elsewhere in the trailer, you'll see Zelda (with a fancy new hairdo and some more interesting jewelery) and Link wielding the Master Sword. The whole experience is put together amazingly well, and even got the non-Zelda fanatics in our team hyped for the release of the game.

Give it a watch, it's embedded up above. Then try your best to keep your hands and eyes to yourself until The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom launches on May 12 for Nintendo Switch.

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