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Your in-game penis size in Rust is based on your Steam ID

Nobody gets to choose the size of their penis in real-life, nor do they get to choose it in Rust.


Rust, the survival MMO from the developers of Garry's Mod, has decided to tie the penis size of in-game characters, to the user's Steam ID. This means that the values are assigned randomly and there's no way for users to change it, unless they play using a new Steam account.

Penis sizes vary wildly, according to Reddit user M4STER_TROLL, who posted this video showing a good number of well, penises.

Rust designer Garry Newman told Kotaku that the Steam IDs are used as seeds from which the game randomises a number of visual character aspects. Newman added that the penis size in particular was just a result of that.

"The dick thing wasn't really planned, it just so happens that it has a separate bone there for the censorship cube that we can scale independently," he said.

Rust uses the Steam ID as a basis for a character's race, gender, and other body-related characteristics.

The game's sub-Reddit was naturally filled with penis images for a few days, following this revelation.

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