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Youkai Watch video demonstrates battles, ghost hunting

Here's a new video showing off the battle system and exploration in Level-5's new 3DS game, Youkai Watch. We have no idea if this is coming west yet, but Steph and I are basically in raptures over every video of it so you can bet we're gonna post 'em.

I have no idea what's going on in this trailer but Siliconera has a handy summary. You play as either Keita Amano or Fumika Kodama, residents of Sakura New Town with the rare ability to interact with creatures from Japanese folklore.

The town is freely explorable and players can spot youkai anywhere thanks to the titular device, a Youkai Watch. Some will be quite difficult to find, but if you get tired of looking for them you can seek out bugs or fish instead. Um.

Once you find a youkai you'll have to capture it in a touchscreen battle system; one pretty neat battle gimmick is turning the 3DS to spot enemies creeping up to ambush you.

Youkai watch is coming to 3DS in Japan on July 11.

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