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Yo-Kai Watch 3 and two spin-offs announced for Japan

Yo-Kai Watch is still growing.


Yo-kai Watch is finally coming west thanks to Nintendo, but in Japan it's already a major best-selling transmedia franchise, with two best-selling 3DS games as well as an anime, manga, toys and much more.

Developer Level-5 has dropped first details on the third entry in the series, which will be set in the US, according to Destructoid.

There are also two spin-offs in the works.

Yo-kai Watch: Three Kingdoms is a collaboration with Koei Tecmo, perhaps something similar to Pokemon Conquest.

Yo-Kai Watch Busters is an action game based on the mini-game of the same name in the core games. As the name suggests, it's a nod to Ghostbusters; yo-kai is a Japanese word meaning ghosts, monsters and spirits.

The Yo-Kai Watch phenomenon should not be under-estimated. If it does anywhere near as well in the west as it has in Japan, we can expect all these other games to turn up, too - sooner rather than later.

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