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Yasuo officially announced for Project L

After a leak last week, we finally get the close up of Yasuo we wanted.

Yasuo screenshot from official trailer in Project L
Image credit: Riot Games

Yasuo has been officially announced by Riot Games, making it the fourth character playable in the current version of Project L.

In the video, we get a comprehensive look at his playstyle - a fast rushdown character able to slice out at other champions with his sword, dashing through them for a quick change in direction, and high-flying aerial combos. Alex Jaffe, Lead Champion Designer, goes on to break down the specifics on how Yasuo works.

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This come only a week since Yasuo was leaked through an influencer vlog of the RIot HQ, and hours before members of the public will be able to play Yasuo themselves at Evo 2023 in Las Vegas.

It's great to finally get an up close and personal look at Yasuo, in what is lined up to be a very news-heavy weekend for fighting game dorks like me currently sat in the media space at Evo. Tom Cannon is also set to appear on a Red Bull livestream this evening - so it may be worth keeping tabs on the game over the weekend.

The line outside Evo 2023 this morning was wrapping around the convention hall at 8AM - two hours before doors open for the fighting game event. Those at the front - who arrived at 3AM to get in first - expressed common excitement to try out Project L today.

Let us know what you think of the trailer below? Also, who would you like to see show up next in Project L! Here's hoping for Illaoi, who we know is in development.

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