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This Xenoblade Chronicles X gameplay video is our first look at the English localization

Nintendo's Treehouse Live@E3 showed off quite a few titles over the week, and yesterday, the first gameplay footage of Xenoblade Chronicles X was streamed. Watch 40 minutes of it below.

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During Nintendo’s E3 2015 show , the game was announced for a western release on Wii U in December.

If you want another look at the game, you can watch the Xenoblade Chronicles X E3 trailer, and have a look at the latest screenshots, which were so massive in size, my PC turned in it's two weeks notice.

I did everything in my power to convince it to stick around a bit longer, and it agreed to a new set of terms, but only if another machine was forced to download the massive zip file. Brenna's laptop was none-to-pleased with having to do another machine's work, but I heard she is giving it raise for the trouble.

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